Perverting the Law

Remember when the law told you what you couldn’t do? So as long as you didn’t do this or didn’t do that, you were free.

Well, today’s new doctrine is: now the law is going to tell you what you must do. You must buy health insurance. You must take an active part in a homosexual “wedding” if they demand it of you.

And, under a law now pending in the California legislature, if you run or work at a pro-life counseling center… you must tell every woman who comes to you where to go to get an abortion. ( )

As “progressives” rally to defend and promote the abortion industry, and sweep under the rug all those unpleasant videos of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, they also continue their assault on free speech and the First Amendment.

How is it even remotely compatible with the First Amendment to the Constitution, for the government to tell you what you must say?

The bill even includes this bizarre text: “… there are nearly 200 licensed and unlicensed clinics known as crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in California whose goal is to interfere with women’s ability to be fully informed and exercise their reproductive rights…” (“reproductive rights” is lib-speak for killing the baby). Here the legislature is taking sides against the pro-life counselors, in favor of abortion providers–you know, people who kill babies for a living.

Note there is to be no requirement that Planned Parenthood or any other abortion facility be required to tell women where to go to get pro-life counseling. It’s very much a one-way street.

These are the things that are done to us when the rulers lose all fear of the electorate.

5 comments on “Perverting the Law

  1. Freedom of speech includes freedom not to speak. It’s that simple. I don’t need to tell anyone where to go in order to do something I don’t approve of. If someone asks for directions to a marijuana dispensary, I’m not going to help them to damage themselves.

    1. Remember the Russian purge trials, under Stalin. The defendants had to stand up there and “confess” to all sorts of things they never did, knowing they’d be murdered afterward, to avoid being tortured or their families wiped out.
      Scratch a liberal, find a Stalinist.

    1. True. It’s as close to “i believe you” they’ll ever get, even when they pay for it.

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