Yes, FBI Targeted ‘Traditional Catholics’ as ‘Domestic Terrorists’ FBI the new KGB Bumper Sticker : Handmade Products

Birds of a feather

Congress has obtained documents that show that “multiple offices” of the FBI–Didn’t they used to be law enforcement?–“colluded” to target “traditional Catholics” as “domestic terrorists.” Agents even went so far as to “infiltrate Catholic parishes” (

Weaponize government agencies against half or more of the population–this is the quintessence of Bidenism.

Did someone toss out the First Amendment while we weren’t looking?

Yeahbut! Don’t those traditional Catholics oppose abortion, phony same-sex “marriages,” and Transgender? That’s terrorism–right?

No, Joe. That’s freedom.

Hello, Congress! You need to stop this–now.

By the way… Biden always describes himself as “a devout Catholic.”

God’s gonna see through that, Joe.

‘Ending Free Speech’

Legal scholar Neil Richards on the First Amendment in the digital age.

This is a long essay by Kenin Spivak, but I post it here because it’s well worth reading and critically important.

Ending Free Speech

Currently, “the Biden Administration is asking whether we should have a First Amendment.” I mean, heck, it’s only the foundation of our free republic: that’s why they made it No. 1. Free speech, freedom of religion, our right to petition government for redress of grievances–if we don’t have this, we don’t have the United States of America.

But the government is fighting tooth and nail–and so far, thank Heaven, losing–against a federal judge’s ruling, in Missouri v. Biden, that bars government agencies and officials from censoring free speech on the Internet.

Without our First Amendment guarantees, our republic and our freedom are dead.

It will seem obvious to most of us that this administration has done everything in its power to restrict our free speech rights–at least, when those rights are exercised by anyone who disagrees with its policies.

[And now the tech team is here to assemble our new computer hutch, so I must step back for the time being. I hope you read the essay, and we’re eager to see what you think of it.]

Florida Senator’s Spectacularly Bad Idea

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I don’t like to do nooze on the weekend, but if I don’t get this out of the way, it’ll fester.

A Florida state senator has proposed a bill to require bloggers who write about the governor, the attorney general, and other public officials… to register with the state or pay a fine (

Whoa! Did I wake up in North Korea? Cuba? Or is State Senator Jason Brodeur just barking, screaming, head-does-a-360 mad? And he’s a Republican. We expect this kind of Stalinist horse manure from Democrats–but no, no, no! Not from Republicans.

Far Left Crazy must be licking its chops over this. “Ooooh, why didn’t we think of that! Quick! Set it up in every Blue state and every Blue city on the map!”

Really, you don’t expect the First Amendment to be attacked from this direction. I believe God Himself has granted me the right, from birth, to say or write anything I please about anyone occupying any public office. “Endowed by our Creator”–dig? “Inalienable rights”–which means you can’t take them away.

Somebody find this senator a civics class.

This absurdity wouldn’t last ten minutes in any federal court.


First Amendment? What First Amendment?

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Not in California, baby!

If you can’t shut people up, the next best thing, maybe even the best thing, if you’re a dictator, is to compel them to say what you want them to say–or else. At the very least, you destroy their self-respect: makes it easier to control ’em.

And that brings us to California’s community colleges, where aspiring teachers are “required” (they love that word) to teach “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility,” and, of course, “anti-racism”–a euphemism for racism directed against white people (

“Faculty and staff shall (“shall” means “have to”) employ instructional practices and curriculum that reflect DEIA and anti-racism principles.” Oh! And they’ve also got to put “a social justice lens across all disciplines.”

See that? I found another public education outrage without having to look for it. Straight from the California Community College Administration. Every lesson in every subject is to be laced with Far Left Crazy dogma.

Is this blatantly unconstitutional? Or would you prefer “flagrantly”?

It’s “Red for Ed”! On steroids. And all on the taxpayers’ dime, too.

We are paying these people to assassinate our country.


The Last Free Country Left on Earth

The 'Spirit of '76' in PSJ

Is the United States of America the last free country left on earth? Sometime it seems so.

Have you ever wondered why we have a First Amendment, and other countries don’t? This important piece of our law, the Constitution, guarantees us (in order) freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and petition the government for relief of our grievances. No other country has these guarantees.

Which doesn’t stop Democrats and other elements of Far Left Crazy from trying to take them away from us and either erase them altogether or else reserve these liberties to themselves alone. Hence a “Disinformation Governance Bureau,” “hate speech” rules, and all the rest. (Hint: It’s “fundamental transformation”!)

There are countries in the, ahem, “Free World” where I’d be silenced for the things I write. Tell me I’d be safe in Canada, the UK, or Australia. All of these countries had more freedom not that many years ago.

Our country’s founders had to have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. They hazarded their lives to win these freedoms, and so they could pass them on to their descendants. The leftids would replace these our natural rights with BS made-up pseudo-rights (unlimited abortion, LGBTQetc, transgender, illegal immigration, and on and on and on)–and above all, a supposed “right” to fornication.

There’s global government sniffing around, in search of vulnerabilities. Global government whose grand panjandrums think of most of us as “useless” or “worthless” people, fit only to be kept quiescent with drugs and video games.

We need our Spirit of ’76! Yes, we still need it after all these years; and always will.

‘Protected by the First Amendment (We Hope!)’

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Should we be scared of a couple of silly old apostate churchmen with their homosexual rainbow flag?

Protected! by the First Amendment (We Hope)

After all, unlike Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all the rest of the not-so-free “Free World,” the law of our land, enshrined in our Constitution, the First Amendment, forbids the government to abridge our freedom of speech.

So California in 2019 could only “resolve” that it’s all Christians’ fault that sexual aberrants are miserable, yatta-yatta, and we’d better straighten up and “affirm” them if we know what’s good for us. Of course, that’d mean throwing our own core beliefs overboard–but if “progressives” can’t force regular people to do that, they feel they’ve lived in vain.

A word of warning: our First Amendment will only protect us for as long as we protect it–and may God protect us both.

‘Good News, for Once!’ (2016)

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America needs to start being America again! Some years ago, a high-school girl showed us how.

Good News! (For Once)

“School officials” told the students that no one could mention the name of Jesus Christ–especially not at any point during the graduation ceremony. The girl did it anyway! And what could the dunderheads do but sit on their hands and fume?

What has all this COVID bullschiiff taught us?

No more speech police, no more transgender propaganda, no more elites lording it over us, no more lockdowns, and no more atheism as the unofficial state religion! A teenage girl’s courage, just five years ago, has already shown us the way.

R.J. Rushdoony, ‘Religious Liberty’ R. J. Rushdoony: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

(This important essay on the roots of religious liberty, by R.J. Rushdoony, first appeared in 1991 in Roots of Reconstruction.)

This piece is a little long, but well worth reading and considering. It traces the origin of American religious liberty to Martin Luther and the Reformation: when Elector Frederick the Wise of Saxony, a staunch Catholic, extended his projection to Martin Luther, Protestant religious reformer–and Luther extended his protection to Frederick. Between them they declared the Biblical basis for religious liberty.

Liberty is so much more than “freedom to sin”! For Rushdoony it was a theological fact. And so it ought to be for us.

As our country’s founders so well knew, government naturally seeks at all times to extend its power–which God’s law limits. Rushdoony wrote at a time when many different government agencies were forcefully encroaching on religious liberty.

And that has not changed.

A firm Biblical understanding of and belief in religious liberty is the best protection of religious liberty. As Luther himself said, “He that believes most will protect most.”

And our freedom needs protection.

Good News: Court Nixes California Pronoun Law

Spanish judge orders 25-yr old man to 'leave home and get a job'

Holy moly! The Transgender Machine actually lost a court case! And in California, no less.

The 3rd District Appeals Court struck down a provision of a 2017 state law that would have required nursing home employees to use “preferred pronouns” ( I don’t know how many 90-year-old trannies are to be found in California’s nursing homes, all clamoring to be called something they’re not; but this time they lost a unanimous court decision.

The court ruled, 3-0, that forcing anyone to use a “preferred pronoun”–calling a man “she” or a woman “he”–forcing people to say things that they believe to be untrue–is a “content-based restriction on speech” and violates the First Amendment.

Violates it? More like lacerates it. Imagine living in a state where they can make you say things that you not only don’t believe, but which thoroughly affront your sense of truth.

The Far Left state senator who drafted the law whined about “deliberately misgendering a transgender person” is nothing less than “harassment,” blah-blah. Like forcing people to say things they know to be wicked and wrong… isn’t?

And like there’s really any such thing as “misgendering.”

‘How About Just “Some” Religious Freedom?’ (2015)

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It’ll do for a religious freedom zone. Note the mayor in the background.

And to think this was written five years before anybody thought of shutting down our churches in the name of you-know-what!

How About Just ‘Some’ Religious Freedom?

How big is government going to get before it bursts?

I wonder if I’m shadow-banned.