High School Football Head-Hunter

Here in my home state this past weekend, Linden High School was playing football versus Immaculata when a Linden defensive player tore the helmet off an Immaculata player and bashed him in the head with it ( http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2015/09/16/shocking-hs-player-rips-off-opponent-helmet-bashes-him-in-head-with-it/ ). The incident occurred in front of a crowd of witnesses and may be viewed on video.

Ain’t that just swell? The victim needed ten stitches. But you haven’t yet heard the best part of it.

You would think the attacker would be immediately ejected from the game, that Linden would have to forfeit the game to Immaculata, that the attacker would be kicked off the team and charged with criminal assault and battery–and you’d be wrong.

No one was ejected. Linden was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. No one was kicked off the team. No one was suspended from school. Instead, Linden High School officials–educationese for “overpaid, superfluous administrative staff”–are, as usual, “conducting an investigation.”

Public school is where we’re all supposed to send our kids to be socialized, right? Huh?

And we keep on doing that because–?

Search me!

PS–I’ve watched the video a couple of times and I believe it’s just remotely possible that the Linden player did not intend to hit the Immaculata player in the head, but only wished to tear off his helmet and throw it away.

Like that makes such a world of difference.

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