My Pet Tree Frog

Hyla versicolor.jpg

Behold the grey tree frog, hyla versicolor. He also comes in bright green, because he has the ability to change colors.

These are about the nicest frogs you can have as pets. They tame fast. Mine would perch on my finger like a canary–their toes can curl, and also stick to slippery surfaces, like glass–and snap up mealworms I offered with the other hand.

I once had three of these; and because it was springtime, mating season, every night they used to line up on a stick and sing. The Tree Frog trio. They would sing all night long. And very loudly. So loudly, my housemates finally forced me to release the frogs back into the wild.

And that’s it for today from Mr. Nature.

One comment on “My Pet Tree Frog”

  1. I love them! They have such cute lippies : ) (in case you didn’t know, within my personal vocabulary, lips beyond a certain level of cute are called lippies) I did not know that species can change it’s color from gray to green. Your trio reminds me of the old beer commercial starring frogs. So, if I had 3, It would be humorous to name them Bud, Weis & Er to those who knew why.

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