New Business Opportunity: Become a Witch Doctor’s Supplier

I was totally stuck for a photo that wouldn’t gross you out, or be otherwise in poor taste, and I just couldn’t find one. So here are some nice giraffes instead.

See? Toldja! In fact, I told you so yesterday–African witch doctors are murdering people to get human parts for use in magic spells ( ).

Enter the middle-man.

Reuters reported yesterday that South African police have “detained” a Danish man after finding his home freezer full of female body parts ( ). They also found anesthetics and surgical equipment. Suffice it to say that the victims were unlikely to continue to live, minus these parts. But you’d use anesthetics to keep down the noise.

Reuters says police are trying to establish a motive. Uh, can we help?

Human parts taken from living victims are the coin of the realm in muti “medicine.” What could be more lucrative than to supply the witch doctors with these prestige ingredients?

This case has “muti” written all over it in bright red magic marker.

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