Too Dumb to be President

Sorry, but Dr. Ben Carson can’t be president. He’s just too dumb.

How do we know he’s stopid? Because he says he doesn’t believe in the Big Bang Theory or in Evolution ( ).

Never mind that he had a brilliant career as a neurosurgeon, thus demonstrating that you don’t need to believe in The Big Bang or Evolution to gain a mastery of science. Never mind that the president’s job description does not include cosmologist-in-chief.

And please never mind that neither of those sacred pillars of wisdom is based on any meaningful observation of nature. When some nerd appears on Nova and tells you, authoritatively, everything that happened during the first 1/64th of a second after the initial Big Bang, you know he’s talking through his hat. As for Evolution–well, no one has seen it happen, no one has conclusively explained how it happens, and there is as much evidence in the fossil record to cast it down as to build it up. (Triassic birds and pollen grains, for instance. And preserved dinosaur soft tissue.)

But Dr. Carson cannot be president because he has committed a thought crime.

If he had stood before the nation and declared, “There is no God, there never was a God, and Jesus Christ never existed,” the same critics who are lambasting him today would be defending him to the hilt, applauding his supposed courage, and wetting their pants over his display of wisdom.

They might even forgive him for being a Republican.

6 comments on “Too Dumb to be President

    1. Welcome back, Ellen.
      Don’t you love the way noozies and academics and other libs, when they meet a credentialed scientist who doesn’t buy into their view, instantly dismiss him as someone who has no understanding of science? And so Dr. Carson is transformed into a poor idiot who doesn’t even know as much as some Gender Studies prefesser…

    2. Exactly! The social media is posting and re-posting Carson Muslim Comment articles often and I feel the need to reply to every one I see. In fact, I have posted, “Carson is right” so often that now my Kindle suggests the phrase when I type “Car”.

      I have no idea who the LORD will allow us for the next POTUS, but Carson makes me hopeful. I’m disappointed with Cruz and Rubio, who I also supported, until they disagreed with Carson and said he was wrong. MUSLIMS CANNOT BE POTUS. Not if we are to keep the same Constitution that our country ratified in the beginning.

      Nuff said!

  1. The liberals are alternately scratching their heads and foaming at the mouth, wondering how Carson got through their net and is now making fools of them all.
    I’ve got some disagreements with Dr. Carson, but I really do like him, and I admire him too. I like him even more now that he isn’t backing down from his statements about a Muslim president (no matter that they are twisting his words to mean what he didn’t mean them to mean, he isn’t apologizing; that takes courage).

  2. The fact that the last 40ish presidents we have had who believed in a creator and did just fine running the country disproves their entire argument.

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