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Cars thay Are Trans-Gender Tooo!

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Well we didnt has no Gender Studies 666 class today becose the prefesser he sayed “he” didnt feel So good becose he “is” menstrubating and he got to “go” buy Some tamp-ons! So i was walkin Back “to” somplace i forget ware, Whenn I heared some guy he sayed he “has got” to Put some Trans-Gender Floid in his car!!!

Wuld yiu beleave it I didnt “know” Cars thay can be Trans-Gender jist like peple!! See i never knowed alot abote “cars” I has got no Drivver Lisince becose that Test thay “giv” yiu it isnot fare! I hate that stopid “test” becose it Dis-respecks my Micro Culture witch says i dont has to pay No “attentchen” to no stop sines or Trafick lites becose thay just istnt Part “of” My realty!! Like wheye shuld i has to stop jist “becose” of some Stopid sine that its probbly Racist! Besydes i am a Interllectural and i dont nead to dryve no Car!

But nowh that i Has “larned” that Cars thay “can” be Trans-Gender well i whant one “of thoose” Trans-Gender Cars to dryve al aruond the Campas!! It jist gose to Show yiu that Gender Floiditty it is a Unaversile Part of Natchure! Cars thay must “have” Eovvolved that waigh! jist lyke evry Thing else!!!

Scientists Say the Darnedest Things! (A Job for Dead Astronauts)

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So now they’re thinking they might be able to create “new forms of life” on distant planets, if they can somehow drop off the body of a dead astronaut on Proxima Centauri or some other place ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3880174/Could-DEAD-astronaut-seed-life-universe-Researchers-say-dumping-bodies-space-trigger-new-forms-life.html ).

See, the corpse is likely to be full of microbes; and if the bugs can survive the perils of a long space voyage, and land on a planet in another star system, they just might Evolve into all sorts of life-forms. Well, waste not, want not. We can still get some use out of an astronaut, even if he’s dead. It’s not like a dead person actually has to be on earth to vote for Democrats. Dead people have been doing that for years, and never in person.

Gee willikers, what if there already are life-forms on this distant planet? Won’t they have no immunity whatsoever to what are, as far as they’re concerned, completely alien micro-organisms? Won’t we, like, wipe out whatever life may already be there?

Somebody at NASA has been watching too much Star Trek.

Maybe they should’ve watched The Andromeda Strain instead.

Meanwhile, I refuse to be afraid of these modern-day Canaanites.

Oops: Monkeys Accidentally Make ‘Cave Man’ Tools

Settled science, this time our nice Darwinian fairy tale of human evolution, got a nasty knock recently when scientists observed wild capuchin monkeys in Brazil banging rocks against other rocks, an activity which produces flakes indistinguishable from what we have long called “primitive stone tools” manufactured by our earliest ancestors ( http://www.livescience.com/56543-monkeys-accidentally-make-stone-tools.html ).

Dammit! In the video you can see monkeys hammering with rocks and pausing to lick the rocks, possibly to consume lichens or minerals that they need in their diet. They aren’t using the sharp little flakes that fly off. Those just lie around waiting to be discovered by future Darwinists and held up as proof that Kilroy the Ape-Man was here.

Monkeys have also been observed to use rocks and sticks as tools for a variety of purposes, from opening shellfish to extracting yummy termites from a nest. For that matter, seagulls drop clams on rocks so they can get at the meat when the shell breaks. That’s a kind of tool use.

Animals are smarter than we give them credit for.

Scientists who invoke Settled Science… aren’t.

Reality ‘4’ Dummies

Here are a few basic principles of reality that are often ignored. They bear repeating. But be warned: you can’t embrace reality and still be a liberal.

1. Government has no money of its own. It only has what it can extract from us in taxes. All the money that comes out of government–stuff like food stamps, housing subsidies, state and federal aid to education–came in to the government through somebody’s paycheck. Yours, for instance.

2. If you can’t make a profit, you can’t do the business. The 2016 Democrat party platform calls for reining in those dadburned profits. How dare they make a profit? But the non-negotiable truth is that if a business cannot make a profit, it cannot exist. And don’t bother with the clever riposte, “Oh yeah?? What about the non-profits? Huh? How come they do just fine? Huh? Huh?” The non-profits survive because the government supports them–with your money.

3. No one can afford to pay anyone $15 an hour to pick up litter in the parking lot. Democrats–sorry to be picking on them, but they’re the ones who declare war on reality–want the minimum wage to be $15 an hour. If that ever happens, there will be no jobs, none at all, for young or unskilled labor.

4. Reality is real and it doesn’t matter what you think or say to the contrary. Try walking over an open manhole that you say isn’t really there, and see what happens. Really, this whole “social construct” business has gone more than far enough. Men are men and women are women no matter what you do to them surgically or pharmacologically: every cell of a man’s body will continue to have none but male chromosomes, and a woman’s cells will have only female chromosomes. That cannot be changed.

Libs like to call themselves “reality-based” because they believe in Evolution, whatever it is, and other Scientific Truths. Pathetic, isn’t it? But liberalism is an amusement that has a very high price tag for the rest of us, and it’s time we started refusing to pay.


A Creationist Cleans House

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A famous image–but none the less false for all that

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati is a Ph.D. in chemistry and a former chess champion of New Zealand. But he’s got to be just a big dope because he doesn’t believe in Evilution–right?

Read this article he wrote on the practical feasibility of Noah’s Ark, and then go on to read all the comments below it ( http://creation.com/how-did-all-the-animals-fit-on-noahs-ark ). With all the Darwin crowd nipping at his ankles, watch him slice and dice them till there’s nothing left of their position–all without any name-calling.

Sarfati dusts off one of them so thoroughly that the poor schlub is reduced to demanding to know if Sarfati believes a sorceress should be put to death, as prescribed in the Old Testament. What bearing that has on a discussion over whether Evilution is fact or fantasy is anybody’s guess. But it usually crops up as a sign of desperation.

P.S.–Yes, I do know how to spell “evolution.” But as politics masquerading as science, I think “evilution” more appropriate.

Us Interllecturals We Not to Take This No More!

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Boy that lee he is sooo stopid i cant even say how stopid he is!! Yestraday he dont beleave in Past Lifes and today he dont beleave in Evilution neither even thuhg thay bothe true!!

He has forgott evrything he knowed wehn he uset to bee in Collidge, and hee never did Make “it” to be a Interllectural, yiu got to stay In collidge “for” that.

Only reel Extreamist Christin Racists thay dont beleave in Past Lifes and Evilution and thay aslo gillty all of them gillty to Climbit Change Denile!!! And yiu kno watt?? Us Interllecturals at the Collidge we jist not going “to” Take it no more!!!!

We wil thinck up a Plan “for” Hillery so wen she be Pressadint She “will be” abel to lock-up al Those extreamists who dont beleave in Past Lifes and Evilution! I meane How stopid can yiu get??? Theese dum peple thay even dont beleave “the” Scintist who figred Out that It rained On the rocks “and” Then the rocks thay comed Alive and that “is” how Evrything started “thare” wasnt no God!!! And evrything is Stil evoluting to This very day even the Rocks! Axcept “for” them dum peple thay isnt gettin no Smarter!

Wel wen Hillery she seees Our plan She wil know watt to doo! and that wil be Finnish for al them Intollerent dum peple!

Let’s Make Robots That ‘Evolve’!

[Thanks to Linda for this news tip.]

We’re so busy studying computer models and simulations that we create ourselves, these days, that it seems a lot of scientists can’t be bothered to study nature anymore. By “nature” I mean “reality,” as God created it.

Science wallahs in Amsterdam are excitedly working to create robots that can “meet,” then “mate” (if they’re compatible), then “reproduce,” and hopefully “evolve” into new kinds of robots ( https://www.technocracy.news/index.php/2016/06/02/robot-baby-project-mimics-sexual-reproduction-let-robots-evolve/ ). Doubtless these are very clever individuals.

But the thing is, from beginning to end, it’s all simulation. Not real. Although I can’t help but relish the irony of a bunch of smart people who vehemently reject the whole notion of Intelligent Design, by God, pursuing what can only be called their own vision of Intelligent Design. They are not clever enough to see a contradiction here.

If they can make some simulation of “evolution” work under carefully controlled conditions–conditions designed and controlled by themselves–are they going to tell us, “See? See! This is what has happened all throughout earth history, only with nobody–nobody, mind you!–designing and controlling it! Only random chance!” Is that really what they’re going to tell us?

Yeah. Probably.

*Sigh*… ‘Moral Evolution’

One of the ill effects of our public education system is that people can’t recognize piffle anymore when they hear it.

Our self-righteous jidrool in the White House visited Hiroshima last week and called upon the whole world to “morally evolve” so that nuclear weapons will never again be used ( http://www.telegram.com/article/20160527/NEWS/160529209 ). He wants “a moral revolution” to match our scientific and technological revolutions.

“Evolve”–what does he mean by that? Does he mean the kind of “evolution” he had, that convinced him that homosexual pseudo-marriage is A-OK, ticketty-boo morally, and the Bible has always been dead wrong about it? Or is it Supreme Court Justice Kennedy’s “evolving standards of decency” that make the indecent decent?

Where does he suppose this “moral evolution” will come from? Islam? Socialism? More money spent on more schools, more colleges, more teacher pensions? Or will it just develop naturally–like from walking fish to dinosaur to monkey to Social Justice Warrior?

God’s word teaches us that man is fallen, cursed. That’s why we needed a Savior. If we could save ourselves, or just “evolve” into morally upright beings, there would have been no need for the Son of God to die on the cross. Jesus Christ is the source of our moral regeneration. Jesus Christ, and Christ alone, is the Person who can make us better. We are all sinners, and we sin all the time: but we are also capable of repentance, and God will not turn away a contrite heart.

God’s word promises us that someday all of Creation will be regenerated, with sin and death banished from it forever. This is accomplished not by us, but by the irresistible grace and power of God.

In the meantime, humanity as a species is the same as in the days of Noah–DNA pretty much guarantees it–and we as individuals just as much in need of salvation–and just as capable of receiving it, in Christ–as ever.

“Evolution” does not enter the picture.

But it sounds so cool when the president says it.

The Fish That Walks

I have been asked to consider whether this odd little fish that walks on its fins as if they were legs is evidence of evolution. It’s called a chaunax, and is a kind of anglerfish. Nothing much happens for the first half of this video, but stick with it and you’ll see the fish go for a stroll.

If the chaunax has any plans for evolving into an amphibian, it’s left them for rather late in the day. That’s a problem with evolution: no one can observe it. By the time this fish could evolve into an amphibian, we’ll all be past caring about it. And how long might it take for the chaunax to venture beyond amphibianhood–maybe evolving all the way to becoming a Gender Studies major with $200,000 in student debt?

And what if the chaunax has been perambulating on its fins since the beginning of time without ever evolving into anything?

Be that as it may, it’s cool to watch. More of God’s stuff, endlessly fascinating.

An Impertinent Question

This is what we look like after how many generations of using each other’s heads for pinatas?

[See previous post, if you haven’t seen it already.]

So cultural practices–like, for instance, clubbing each other on the head–can shape our physical evolution? Really?

Given, then, the enormous cultural differences that we find all over the world, some of them going way back in time, how come the human race is still one species? Shouldn’t we have evolved in dozens of species, based on our widely varying cultural practices?

No easy way out of this one!

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