I am Confused (About This Election)

I suppose in the end it will be obvious: vote for whoever the Republicans nominate, or else get Hillary and kiss America goodbye. Unless she gets indicted first.

I think we have been here before.

First I was for Cruz, then for Trump, and now it’s I dunno. There’s something about the Cruz campaign that makes me uneasy. As for Trump, how is that anything but a crap shoot?

I was for Cruz because I thought he was a real conservative, if there is such a thing anywhere in our political class. I was for Trump because I passionately detest the Republican Party leadership and want to see it kicked down the stairs. But in the meantime, the partisans of both Cruz and Trump are tearing down each other’s candidate so badly that it may not be possible to repair the damage in time to keep Mrs. Bloody Awful out of the White House.

I have a soft spot for Ben Carson, but, gee–now he wants to do away with the Electoral College, the only thing that keeps the country from being ruled forever by a couple of Democrat machines in large, incredibly corrupt cities in a handful of states. Anyhow, he’s not running anymore.

O Lord my God, if you’re thinking of intervening in America’s national life just about now, I think it’d be a very good time for you to do so.

Politics at Its Worst

Yesterday on my car radio I heard a clip from a Hillary Clinton speech:

“Those Republicans are going to do everything they can possibly do to keep you from voting, if you’re poor, if you’re black, if you’re Latino…” (Or words to precisely that effect: I’m going by memory.)

Hmm, which Republican candidate is in charge of suppressing the Latino vote–Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio? And of course Ben Carson is on hand to chase blacks away from the polling place.

This rhetoric is worse than ridiculous, worse than shameful.

It is a sin.

“Lemme see here… If I can raise up animosity where none need exist, if I can make groups of citizens fear other groups, and set people at each other’s throats who otherwise would be at peace… If I can make people fearful of things that are not, in fact, happening, and not going to happen… And then hold myself up to them as the only leader who can protect them from this imaginary conspiracy to deprive them of their right to vote… Oh, yeah, I can gain by this!”

Our Lord said, Blessed are the peacemakers.

What about those who purposely destroy the peace, for their own personal, political advantage? Who cause some to hate others without a cause?

Politics can be a pretty loathsome business; but once again, Hillary Clinton has shown that she is the lowest of the low.

We as a nation need our heads examined, allowing low characters like this to lord it over us. We really must be some kind of stupid.


Now Dr. Carson Is a Dangerous Maniac?

So how many lives has Salon.com saved lately?

I wasn’t going to go with another Ben Carson story today, but I can’t help responding to the stepped-up attacks on him by our wonderful nooze media, objective, fair, and balanced ( http://www.salon.com/2015/11/09/5_worst_right_wing_moments_of_the_week_ben_carson_is_a_pathological_liar_partner/ ).

Here are a few gems from yesterday’s Salon.com.

“You know Ben Carson is crazy.”

“Ben Carson is about to crack.”

“Ben Carson may not be able to discern when he is lying anymore… It’s weird… Or maybe it isn’t for a man of science, who asserts pyramids were built for grain storage and evolution is wrong.”

And so on. They’re still mad at him for having a picture of Jesus in his home.

Since when have noozies had any interest in the truth? A liberal never tells the truth if he can help it. If you put a gun to Al Gore’s head, he couldn’t tell the truth. If you dangled Hillary Clinton over a tankful of ravenous sharks, she couldn’t tell the truth. Heck, post-modern college professors tell us that there is no truth–well, except for those political truths that all their students had better believe in if they want to pass the course.

But Ben Carson, Dr. Ben Carson, world-renowned brain surgeon–oh, that’s another story! This is a man who is stark, raving mad as well as stupid, totally delusional (like all Christians, according to the noozies), and liable at any moment to turn into Jack the Ripper.

Can’t we just have Obama in the White House for as long as he lives? And then after that, his avatar or something? Why do we have to have these blasted elections, anyway?

Dr. Ben had better watch himself. If they get much madder at him, that could be dangerous.

Ben Carson’s Jesus Scandal

How inutterably shocking! A man who wishes to be president has, in his private home, a picture of himself with Jesus Christ Our Lord.

According to our nooze media, this is intolerable. Dr. Ben Carson is once again cast as an Enemy of the People, completely disqualified from ever holding public office.

Bad enough he said he didn’t believe in the Big Bang or Evolution. Even worse, his mind is not right about the pyramids of Egypt. But this–!

Now, if Carson had good taste, he would have his house decorated with pictures of Marx, Kinsey, Darwin, Castro, maybe even a framed book title page autographed by Richard Dawkins (who believes super-intelligent Space Brothers may have originally “seeded” Earth with life).

Having been exposed as someone who loves Jesus Christ, Carson’s only way out now is to start dating a Kardashian. This just may rehabilitate him in the public eye. Is there a K-sister left available, or will he have to wait in line until one of them is free?

Be in a picture with Jesus–bad.

Be in a picture with Bruce Gender–priceless!

How Ben Carson Got Me Throwed Out of My House

I am in big troubble now and its al becuse of that nogood Ben Carson. I had to go hom to my famly this week end and I seen they had Ben Carson bumper stickers on there cars. So I tole mom and pop they stopid for likin him, “Dont yuo know he hates Muslems and is a hater, he dont want no Muslem Presdint?”

And they got mad so I tole them i am a interllectural so they shuld listin to me, I am much smarter then them, i been to collidge and goin to get a Degree in Gender Studies, and they just ordrinary dum peple who ouhgt to pay atension to us interllecturals and do what we tell them. And my pop he got mader and he said well that does it! i am not goin to pay for any more collidge, i been payin al these years and now yuo are 26 and yure a bigger fat head than you was in heigh school. And my mom she said “Yiu get out of this hose and dont come back, not ever.” And I just said well thats what hapens when yuo listin to Ben Carson, yiu get to be as stopid as he is.

So now i got no home and no more tution mony, but my prefesser he says I can live in his tool shed for a wile. But how am i goin to pay for the rest of my collidge? I mean, like, its my hole future in Gender Studies!!

And to make it worse my folks they go around with them fake glases with the big noses and mustashes so no one will reckonize them. That is what hapens when you are a interllectural. All them ordrinary dum peple theyr just jellous.

Too Dumb to be President

Sorry, but Dr. Ben Carson can’t be president. He’s just too dumb.

How do we know he’s stopid? Because he says he doesn’t believe in the Big Bang Theory or in Evolution ( http://washington.cbslocal.com/2015/09/23/ben-carson-big-bang-evolution/ ).

Never mind that he had a brilliant career as a neurosurgeon, thus demonstrating that you don’t need to believe in The Big Bang or Evolution to gain a mastery of science. Never mind that the president’s job description does not include cosmologist-in-chief.

And please never mind that neither of those sacred pillars of wisdom is based on any meaningful observation of nature. When some nerd appears on Nova and tells you, authoritatively, everything that happened during the first 1/64th of a second after the initial Big Bang, you know he’s talking through his hat. As for Evolution–well, no one has seen it happen, no one has conclusively explained how it happens, and there is as much evidence in the fossil record to cast it down as to build it up. (Triassic birds and pollen grains, for instance. And preserved dinosaur soft tissue.)

But Dr. Carson cannot be president because he has committed a thought crime.

If he had stood before the nation and declared, “There is no God, there never was a God, and Jesus Christ never existed,” the same critics who are lambasting him today would be defending him to the hilt, applauding his supposed courage, and wetting their pants over his display of wisdom.

They might even forgive him for being a Republican.