UK Scientists Claim They Can Use Magnets to Erase Belief in God

This just in–British scientists say that by wacking your brain with very powerful magnets, they can make Christians stop believing in God and also make you feel real good about Muslim immigrants flooding into your country ( ).

You could probably get the same results with a baseball bat, or by not allowing the subject to sleep, and it’d be cheaper.

It might be said that it really doesn’t take much to get a Brit to reject Christianity. Millions of ’em have already done so without any help from scientists.

But isn’t it nice to know that governments will soon have another weapon in their arsenal to use against faith, truth, and sanity?

So break out the Nobel Prize, they’ve finally found a way to destroy anyone’s religious faith!

And replace it with faith in… what?

I’m not sure I want to know.

5 comments on “UK Scientists Claim They Can Use Magnets to Erase Belief in God

  1. It reminds me of the guy in upper New England who had a spike accidentally shot through his head. It completely changed his personality from a nice guy to a mean, foul-mouthed jerk. Maybe that would work better than magnets because it would sure get the desired results.

    Today, on the way home from substituting, the minister on AFR was saying many Muslim refugees in Europe are coming to faith in Christ – I mean, who wouldn’t prefer freedom to believe as you want to totalitarian religion. I have read halfway through “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and from how she describes being raised in Muslim Somalia, what Muslim woman wouldn’t choose freedom over Islam?

    1. I’ve read some very interesting accounts of Muslims embracing Christianity. Joel Richardson has quite an interest in this and he certainly has some interesting contacts whom are working very directly in those places.

      As appalling as some of the events carried out in the name of this religion may be, there are many people in those places trapped by it and not at all in agreement with the vile things that some extremists advocate. It would be my pleasure to see people from these areas learn the true hope of God’s word.

  2. I recently read about this new magnet trick. The replacement religion seems to be Scientism.

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