My Exspearamint

Boy that guy who has the blog he burns me up, he is so stopid. That is becose religin makes him stopid. If he was a interllectural like me he wuld be smart.

Lik I told yiu lasst time, i am in a exspearamint for Reallity Studies, they tryin to turn my mail cromosoms into femail. I do this becuse i got no more money for collidge but they let me stay if I be in the exspearamint and i got to stay hear and get my degre in Gender Studies. Meanwile I live in my prefessers tool shed.

They been givin me injectins and pills and this red stuff to drink it tastes horible, and i didnt think it was workin until I was walkin to my Gender Justice lectiure and thes two iddiot conserfatiffs they pointin at me and laghing, Ha-ha-ha!! And later when I looked into a mirrer i seen my reflectin, and oh man!!! My Ears been growing! They turning into bunny Ears!! I got so freeked out, i went home. And my mom she made me stand on the steps and wuldnt let me in, and she sais them aint bunny Ears, them’s Jackass Ears!! And she say it serve me rihgjt.

But my prefesser he give me scraps to eat and he sais Never mind, “this is a smal pryce to pay to get a degre in Gender Studies and reely be a interllectural that nobody can deneye,” and anyhow Sceince is alyaws rihgt and this is Sceince. But i got Jackass Ears!! But he sais jist chill out, man, the exspearamint aint over yet and lots of Good things can stil happen.

I sure hop hes rigjt becase now my hat dont fit.

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