Senator Cought on Vidiotape!!

I forgott to tell yiu yestreday that one of the ressults of this exspearamint is that i alreddy getting smarter and aslo my sihgt geting keeener, I see things now that i didnt use to see befour. That is why i lik to be hear at collidge, bein a interllectural.

So i found this hear viddiotape of a senator running acrost somplace and sombody fillmed it. Yiu wil notise that this is abbsolootly real, it reelly is a senator. If thear wasnt no such thing as a senator it wuldnt be on viddio, dont let any stopid christins tel yuo theyr no senators, halff horse and halff perrson.

Wel no i got to get back to work campaining for Hillery so she can be presdint.

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