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Centaur Skeleton Escapes

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The coverup is over! Centaurs are real, and the government cannot control them.

A centaur skeleton has escaped from a secret facility operated by the U.S. Secret Facilities Agency, according to reports by Clickbait. The skeleton escaped by pretending to be a skeleton. While custodians were counting the flesh-and-blood centaurs, the skeleton slipped out via the fire escape.

There is no cause for alarm, stated William “Boffo” Paczynski, mayor of Pleurisy City, Kentucky. His comment led to speculation that the secret facility is located in or near his town.

Persons catching sight of the fleeing centaur skeleton are advised to shut up about it.

Transgender Centaur Sighting!

A reader who wishes his identity protected at all costs arranged for this video to be smuggled out of a university’s gender research facility. “If they know it was me who gave you this, I’m toast,” he says. Well, Dr. Gesundheit, your secret’s safe with us!

The video, it is claimed–by who? search me–is proof positive that centaurs, like humans, are sometimes transgendered. “You’ll see that for yourself if you watch carefully,” said Name Withheld. “This is a blockbuster discovery–on a par with discovering a Blockbuster Video store still open. It just blows away everything we thought we knew about centaurs.”

A Centaur Wedding

See? See? Toldja, toldja! Centaurs are real! Look at this picture–centaurs can even get married, just like human beans! They can even have trendy beach weddings.

Joe Collidge assures us that this picture was not photo-shopped, but was, in fact, taken by “a reel Interllectural.” That means it’s true.

(As you can see, I’m shunning the news as a way of observing the Sabbath.)

Proof! Proof! Proof of Centaurs!

Well fry my hide! Not only are centaurs real, but they even got one to do an Old Spice commercial! And somehow this eluded the attention of serious philosophers all over the world–hah!

Maybe there are commercials that reveal other hidden truths that They don’t want you to know about. Like maybe there really was, at least at one time, a little tiny guy who sailed his little tiny boat inside a toilet bowl. Or, for that matter, a jolly green giant taller than an office building! Maybe!

Flash! Centaur Sighting

Proof that Man-Made Anthropogenic Oh-Boy Climate Change is real, real, real:

Half a dozen people in a certain town–which must not be identified for fear that Biggits and Haters will show up there–and come to think of it, those people must not be identified, either–well, anyhow, just last night, they saw a centaur dash right across the main street of their town.

The source of this news report must not be identified in case the Climate Change Deniers should hassle them.

A prominent Scientist, identity withheld to protect him from a Vast Right-wing Conspiracy, said “Because centaurs are caused by Climate Change, Income Inequality, and Microaggression, and the problem can only be solved by giving absolute power to government agencies staffed by unelected bureaucrats, you’re going to see a lot more centaurs before the whole planet suddenly boils over just because you ignorant anti-Science ijjits out there were too cheap to pay a whopping great Carbon Tax.”

It is reported that the centaur ran right across the street in full few of half a dozen patrons coming out of a tavern at closing time, turned and made a rude noise at them, and then disappeared into an alley.

“It’ll be the Loch Ness Monster next,” remarked the unidentified Scientist. “Mark my words.”

A Clumsy Attempt to Explain Away the Jackalope

Don’t you love it? They show you all these pictures of the jackalope, and then they say there’s no such thing!

Everybody knows there’s a conspiracy to cover up the existence of the jackalope.

Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us there are no centaurs, either.

When everybody knows that centaurism is caused by Global Warming.

The Famous Piano-Playing Cat!

This is Nora, the cat celebrity who plays the piano. How famous is she? Well, my wife has a Nora the Cat coffee mug. That’s pretty famous.

Nora has played with an orchestra. She was the only cat involved. All the other musicians were human beings, I think. There is a rumor that one of the clarinetists was a centaur, but I have never known a centaur who could play the clarinet.

Do Deer Read Road Signs?

Thanks to Linda Sorci for reminding us of this incredible talk radio phone call!

The caller’s argument relies on the premise that deer can read. And when they read “Deer Crossing” road signs, they naturally assume that this must be a good place for them to cross the busy highway.

Is that really any sillier than believing “the Annunaki” from outer space secretly came to earth to micro-manage human history and genetically engineer critters like centaurs?

This in a country that spends more on “education” than any civilization in the history of the world.

Minotaur on the Loose!

The great thing about snow is, it’s just right for preserving footprints. Especially monster footprints.

Here is someone who found a minotaur’s footprints in her yard. She did some research and discovered they must have been made by a minotaur. Somewhere there must be a handbook that shows you what minotaur tracks look like, and how to tell them apart from those of a raccoon or a deer.

A minotaur is half-bull, half-man, usually a strong, bad-tempered guy with a bull’s head. King Minos, King of Crete, used to keep one in his labyrinth. He fed it Greeks. You could look it up.

We’ve warned you that centaurs are real, and they’re pussycats compared to minotaurs.

A spokesman for the President’s Committee on Centaurs, Minotaurs, and Unipeds has denied that there is a government conspiracy to cover up the existence of such creatures. Last year Congress authorized a budget of $615 billion for the committee. This year, says the spokesman, “We will need more–lots more! Minotaurs are becoming a real problem, sneaking around people’s back yards on snowy nights. Sooner or later, somebody’s gonna get eaten.”

A spokesman for the Congressional Scientific Committee on Centaurs, Minotaurs, Unipeds, and Persons With Their Heads on Backwards has stated that these creatures have become active because of Global Warming. “They’re sure to kill a lot of people,” he added, “unless we can pass one helluva huge tax increase. Then everything will be nice again.”

Centaur Skeleton (if I can get the blasted thing to work!)

And there you have it… botta-bing, botta-boom!

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