‘The Temple’ Now Available in Kindle

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Wahoo! We did it! The Temple, No. 8 in my Bell Mountain Series, has gone on sale in time for Christmas.

So far it’s only in Kindle, but it won’t be long before the paperback is ready.

Meanwhile, this is brand-new, hot off the press–and it needs people to read it and review it. Who will be the first?

Come on–doncha want to find out what happens when King Ryons’ little army gets to the Thunder King’s huge and terrible fortress at Kara Karram? That is, if they get there at all. But you can read the full blurb when you click “Books.” And dig that cover by Kirk DuoPonce!

6 comments on “‘The Temple’ Now Available in Kindle

  1. Congrats on getting this out! 🙂 I am not far enough along in your series to review it though, sorry! I am going to buy book 2 this week. Now that the 2nd book in my own series is finished and up for ore-order, I have a little time to read again.

    1. I never visited Narnia until I was in my 50s, and then we watched the BBC movie versions out of order–so that I wound up wondering, “Why is this Aslan character such a big cheese? Why do they have to do what he says?” And then at the end of “Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” it hit me; and all I could say was, “Oh.”\

      So, yes, there’s something to be said for reading a series in order, and I would never try to talk you into jumping ahead.

      I’m just eager to see what people say about this book.

    2. That’s really funny 🙂 Geez, don’t even get me started on how they changed the order of the Narnia series to make it chronoloical. So irritating. Anyway, I know how it is, and hope you find a reviewer soon. I will get there eventually! In the meantime, I am looking forward to starting “The Cellar Beneath the Cellar.” I need a break from my insane work schedule and publication deadlines!

    1. I wish they did! But no, what I’m talking about is Customer Reviews on amazon.com. If you are inspired to write something longer than that, leave a reply here and let me know, and maybe we can work out a way to put it on this blog.

      I need all the advertising I can get, and that’s no lie.

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