I’m Running for President!


Move over, purple penguins! Now that some of the real lightweights have dropped out, it’s time for me to join the Democrat presidential nomination sweepstakes.

And here’s my first campaign promise, right up front. If I’m elected president, I guarantee that there will be no sharks swimming around in our department stores! No other candidate has made that promise because no other candidate can. With me in the White House, it will be perfectly safe to use the escalator in Barnes & Noble.

I also promise that the very least I would do, if you elect me president, would be… well, nothing. C’mon, now, people, which would be better? Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris–or a president who does, like, nothing? Fumbling, stupid, crazy policies, or no policies? Imagine a president with the good sense to leave the country alone. That would be me!

Now, you know they won’t let me take part in any of those “debates” they have. You saw how they all piled onto Marianne Williamson for coming out of political nowhere and still looking better than the rest of them. “I didn’t know they could be so mean!” she’s saying now. Hey, sister, I coulda toldja. “I didn’t know they lied so much!” Coulda toldja that, too.

So, then, help me build up my campaign war chest by buying my books. Books? What books? You have books? You’re darn tootin’ I do. Just go to this blog’s home page and click “Books,” and find out all about it. You can even order them from there.

Vote for me, Lee Duigon, in all your Democrat primaries!

Because doing nothing is better than doing evil.

Another Crass Commercial Message (from Me)

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By now, I think, most of the regular visitors to my blog have already bought my books. But I live in hope that every day brings visitors who’ve never been here before and haven’t heard of my books.

Well, it’s easy to find out all about them. Just click “Books” at the top of the page, and you’ll see covers, descriptions, and sample chapters of all nine in the series–with No. 10, The Silver Trumpet, currently being made ready for publication.

Sorry for the commercial, but I do have to do this now and then.

Where Do My Characters Come From?

The simplest and most honest answer to that question would be, “I don’t really know. They just come.” But let me try to do better than that.

Years ago, I learned an important lesson by reading Dick Francis’ mystery novels: Every character in your book, no matter how minor, you must view and write of as a real person. Even if the character is in the story so briefly that you don’t even have to give his name.

A common feature in a lot of books that stink is failure to observe this rule, because the author is interested only in himself. You wind up with some improbable hero or superwoman showing off at the expense of all the other characters, who are only there as stage props. Books like this should never be published, but some always make it through the net, and too bad for you if you’ve bought one.

I don’t sit down and write up a thorough biography of every character in the book. If the plot demands that someone come along to be the new captain of Lord Chutt’s Wallekki bodyguard, then I introduce a character to do just that. I give him a name. And then some funny things begin to happen.

Often, once he or she has appeared in a few scenes, I take an interest in this character. So it was with a man named Bassas in The Throne, Lord Chutt’s new captain. To my surprise, it turned out that Bassas doesn’t like Lord Chutt and has but little respect for him. As the circumstances around him changed, and he came to see more things that he hadn’t seen before, Bassas grew discontented with his lot: in fact, he didn’t much care for working for the bad guys. He hasn’t been able to shed the old tribal sense of honor that was drilled into him as a boy.

See what I mean? Bassas went on to do some things I never thought of when I first introduced him. He’s very different from his predecessor, who was a thorough-going rogue. I wonder what he’ll do next.

This all sounds very easy to do. All it takes is thousands of hours of reading quality fiction and thousands of hours of trying to write it. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, man, practice!

But it all starts with a determination to see your characters as real people. Just because they’re fictional doesn’t mean they can’t be real. They have to be, or your story won’t work.

What Is Amazon.com Trying to Tell Me?

The Thunder King is Book 3 of my Bell Mountain series, and amazon.com has dunked it into a mystery. Can any of you help me figure it out?

The Thunder King is, of course, a fantasy-adventure story for readers 12 years old and up. Click “Books” at the top of this page and check it out–you’ll soon get the idea.

Why, then, has amazon.com got this book listed under Labor & Industrial Relations? Where it is not doing very well, I hasten to ad. By the way, this is only with the paperback. They are aware that the kindle version of the book has absolutely nothing to do with labor and industrial relations.

Is this why my sales are off? People look it up on amazon.com and think it’s about collective bargaining or grievances?

Yo, everybody! I promise The Thunder King will never, never get into discussions of how to allot overtime, how to cope with a drunken shop steward, or contract negotiations. Promise, promise, promise! Not that those subjects are unworthy of examination–but if you’re looking for high adventure in an unfamiliar world full of strange beasts and dangerous human beings, well… that we have.

I would ask amazon about this, but I have no idea how to put a question to them.

Another 5-Star Review for ‘The Thunder King’

Scroll down a bit to find the new review by O.P. ( http://www.amazon.com/Thunder-King-Bell-Mountain-Book-ebook/product-reviews/B008VL8UZW/ref=cm_cr_dp_see_all_btm?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=recent ) of The Thunder King, Book No. 3 in my Bell Mountain series.

I’ve won awards for these books, I’ve never gotten a bad review for any of them, and yet I’m finding it awfully hard to sell them.

You, my readers, and this little ol’ blog, are all the advertising I’ve got.

Remember, there’s a contest on! The first to sign up three new readers for my books wins a free book.

Who’s playing?

I’ve Got My Books!

It’s always a big day for me when I get my author’s copies of my book. Today I got my copies of The Temple. That cover looks good! My wife is already hunkered down to read it.

You may have noticed that I’m blogging more, of late. That’s because I’m between books, and that always makes me antsy. But I know I’ll have to wait months before the Lord starts me on the next story that He wants me to tell. He knows I need that time to rest and renew my resources.

The Temple is Book No. 8 in my Bell Mountain series, and the themes remain the same throughout: God’s sovereignty over all Creation; His power to intervene in history–without abrogating our free will; how He draws individuals and nations to Himself; and how the characters learn to know and love God through obedience, through sacrifice, hard work, enduring hardship, taking risks, and loving one another.

In all of this, whether I’m writing or not writing, my one indispensable tool is God’s own word, the Bible. I want my stories to be steeped in the Bible: it’s the only way to make them valid.

If you’re new to this blog, welcome. And if all of this is new to you, a lot more information is available just by clicking “Books” at the top of this page.

‘The Temple’ Now Available in Kindle

Product Details

Wahoo! We did it! The Temple, No. 8 in my Bell Mountain Series, has gone on sale in time for Christmas.

So far it’s only in Kindle, but it won’t be long before the paperback is ready.

Meanwhile, this is brand-new, hot off the press–and it needs people to read it and review it. Who will be the first?

Come on–doncha want to find out what happens when King Ryons’ little army gets to the Thunder King’s huge and terrible fortress at Kara Karram? That is, if they get there at all. But you can read the full blurb when you click “Books.” And dig that cover by Kirk DuoPonce!

We Did It–3,000 Hits

Thanks to you, my readers, for the first time ever, this blog has received 3,000 hits in a month. I think this is where I’m supposed to shout “Excelsior!” And I would, too, if I was sure of what it means.

If you really like this blog, remember: it was created to generate interest in my books and helpfully recruit some readers for them. For more information, just click “Books” at the top of the page for covers, blurbs, and sample chapters. The Archives also include a number of reviews.

Anyhow, thank you, one and all. As Popeye used to say, “We aims t’please.”

My Baby is About to Leave the Nest

Fall is here, all right. Summer quits the stage, in obedience to the Director.

And I am almost done writing “The Throne,” the ninth book of my Bell Mountain series. Just applying the finishing touches.

I don’t know about other writers, but when I finish writing a book, I have a sense of loss–like, now what do I do? I’ve been at this since the start of spring, and now it’s fall and it’s over. It’s like raising a child to the point where he grows up and leaves home to make his own way in the world. Only of course your book never winds up moving back in because he’s made a mess of things. Your book never goes to collidge and winds up being a chowderhead.

I can’t just whip right into another book, and I don’t understand writers who say they can. It takes me months and months to come up with ideas for the next story in the series.

How many will I wind up writing? As many as the Lord lets me. The story of Obann is a kind of history, and history doesn’t stop. I will continue for as long as I can.

Help Me Get 3,000 Hits

No, I’m not talking baseball here–I mean 3,000 hits on this blog for the month of September.

I’ve never reached 3,000 hits in a month, but I’m sooooo close! Another 200 will do it.

So if you like this blog, and wish to support it, please turn out in force, tonight and during the next two days. Tell your friends about it! Browse the Archives for articles you’ve missed. Click “Books” and enjoy the artwork and the blurbs.

Hey, it’s free.