Feds: Jack-O-Lanterns Cause Global Warming

We know that a liberal’s fun consists of spoiling other people’s fun. The “progressive” is that drip who shakes his head at your Thanksgiving dinner and mutters, “You know, people are starving to death in Gufistan…”

Well, along comes the U.S. Dept. of Energy–think any of them are conservatives?–to warn us that Halloween jack-o’-lanterns cause Global Warming ( http://www.rageandwar.com/?p=37391 )… so you all just better stop it with the pumpkins or we’re all gonna die…

You’d think libs ‘n’ progs would love Halloween, if only for its heavy overlay (and underlay) of paganism. But, not content with banning your costume for being Politically Incorrect, now they’re coming after your pumpkin.

If you’re one of the few chumps who still take Global Warming seriously, you really ought to be ashamed of yourself.

7 comments on “Feds: Jack-O-Lanterns Cause Global Warming

  1. I’ve got it! Liberals are, despite their ‘rationality’ and ‘logic is God’ facade, are actually horribly superstitious. They’re afraid of Jack-o-Lantern’s and scary costumes, so they’re banning them in the name of science. That’s it! I’ve finally figured them out!

  2. The fact is that leftids are anti-fun — at least fun that isn’t depraved and/or strictly regulated by the State.

    1. They don’t like it when us deplorables have fun. Their idea of fun is a “pride” parade. Especially one that you’re forced to watch.

  3. How about painting the jack-o-lantern with luminescent paint? Oh, no, wait. The paint probably has fumes which may be catastrophic to climate change!

    Honestly, I thought the libtards would be too busy with their satanic whoop-de-doos to bother with jack-o-lanterns.

  4. I never understood how the Leftids get way with changing Global warming to Climate Change. It’s stupid beyond words. When Obama used to go on about the number one threat to America is global warming I was reminded of the musical “Stop the World I Want To Get Off.”

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