Feminist Rap… It Sure Is (Well, You Know)

In case you don’t have time to read the article, here’s modern feminism summed up in just a few seconds.

Let’s start our day with some feminist rap music, shall we? ( http://www.infowars.com/this-feminist-rap-will-make-your-ears-bleed/ )

Here we have a bunch of girls–I’d say they look to be about 11 years old–performing rap “music” with feminist lyrics. Why anyone would want an 11-year-old carping aloud about “rape culture” while imitating a so-called art form notorious for lyrics like, “I gonna kill you, ho!”, is more than I can explain.

Once upon a time, women’s rights pioneers had a cause that was reasonable and just.

Today’s feminists are only annoying and ridiculous.

2 comments on “Feminist Rap… It Sure Is (Well, You Know)

  1. Today’s feminists are annoying. Often these women push the limit, trying to one-up men or trying to prove that a woman can do anything a man can do. That’s ridiculous. Men and women are physically different and are wired differently. Women are created to be nurturing and supportive; men are physically stronger and more protective. Nothing wrong with having a specific role to play. I’m quite happy being a woman but if I’m working the same job as my male co-worker and he’s paid more money per hour because of being a man, then I have a problem with that. In the past, feminists and suffragettes had real issues to fight for, freedoms that I now enjoy. In a nod back to these ladies I vote in very election. Our right to vote, hard-won by my “older sisters”, is just a few years shy of being a hundred years old. Many of today’s feminists just want to get in a man’s face and yell — so unladylike and not worth doing.

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