Dems Say the Darnedest Things

I don’t know who this is, but I guess it’s not the Virgin Mary.

Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo was one of the few Democrats not to be swept out of office this week in the state’s elections. Naturally, he predicted a roaring comeback by the Dems next year ( ).

Furthermore, Stumbo added a religious dimension to his argument: “Mary did not ride an elephant into Bethlehem that night.”


Never mind that Joseph couldn’t afford an elephant. What Stumbo is really saying here is that the Virgin Mary, mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, was, at heart, a Democrat. Let us attempt to follow the logic behind this statement.

*Mary rode a donkey into Bethlehem, where she gave birth to the Christ child.

*The donkey is the symbol of the Democrat Party.

*Therefore Mary was a Democrat. If she had been a Republican, she would have demanded that Joseph scare up an elephant somehow so she could ride that instead of a donkey.

Liberals have no understanding of the Christian religion and would be well advised to leave it alone. Instead, they offer something like this.

Mary: “Joseph, I will not ride an elephant into Bethlehem and have everybody who sees us thinking we’re Republicans. I don’t care how you do it, but you get me a donkey or else!”

Joseph: “But they’re offering special deals on elephants over in Caesarea. We can trade in our ox…”

Mary: “I don’t care! We are Democrats, Joseph! Doesn’t that mean anything to you anymore? Think of our duty, two thousand years from now, to Greg Stumbo! Not to mention Hillary Clinton. An elephant! Well, you can just think it over tonight while you’re sleeping on the couch.”

Joseph: “I didn’t know we had a couch.”

And so on.

Liberal logic–it’ll always get you where you wanna go.

8 comments on “Dems Say the Darnedest Things

  1. That may be one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever heard.
    Your conversation between Mary and Joseph is one of the funniest things I’ve read 😀

    1. Glad you liked it!
      I can take no credit for Mr. Stumbo’s amusing remarks. He thought that one up all by himself.
      I suspect he must be a interllectural.

  2. Hilarious! I love Joseph’s bemusement about the couch at the end.

    And since this original post, the Dems keep getting battier and battier. Sometimes I have trouble distinguishing what they’ve actually said from the attempts at parody about them. In fact, what they actually say is sometimes more bizarre than the parody.

  3. The current crop of Democrat leaders is making it crystal clear that they are for illegals, whereas Trump is making it clear he is for protecting American citizens while willing to compromise on DACA. Senator Langford of OK made an interesting comment of the TBN’s “Mike Huckabee Show” this weekend when he said the Church is to welcome all and help those in need, but the Gov’t is not a Church but an agency to enforce the laws and protect the citizens.

  4. Were the elephant the symbol of the Republican Party, and the donkey the symbol of the Democratic Party 1,900 plus years ago? I didn’t think so. Sounds like just another politician shooting his mouth off.

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