Some Small Achievements

For those of you who may be curious about what I do when I’m not writing, researching, blogging, or catering to my cats–

I’ve just finished reading my new book, The Temple, and I was amazed to find not a single typo in it. I’m a whiz when it comes to spotting errors after the book is published and it’s too late to do anything about them. Once the train leaves the station, I can really see it! But the proofreading staff at Storehouse Press is just about the best in all the world.

I’ve been riding my bike just about every day since I got it a few weeks ago, and this morning I was able to execute my first turn… no-handed. When I was a kid, it took me months and months to master the art of riding without using my hands. The mastery of that esoteric art has come back to me in just about no time.

Well, back to work.

4 comments on “Some Small Achievements

  1. I’ve tried lots of stuff but not “no-hands” cycling. Does it feel sort of like riding a unicycle? I’ve wanted to try to learn how to cycle about using a unicycle especially when Ilived a couple blocks from the house and needed to bring home a couple bags of groceries

    1. I’ve tried quite a few times to ride a unicycle, but just couldn’t manage it at all. Riding a regular bike no-handed is very relaxing, once you get the hang of it.

      May I suggest a basket to carry groceries?

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