Is It Too Late for Europe?

Based on the events in Paris last week, and video of the hordes of Muslims tearing their way through Germany and Sweden, and positively inane remarks by European leaders and interllecturals, I would have to say yeah, it looks like it’s too late for Europe.

In another few decades, it will be as though Western Europe had never existed at all. It will only be preserved in history books, to be totally ignored by American leaders and interllecturals.

Anyhow, here are the ideas that doomed Western Europe and paved the way for Muslims to conquer those countries.

*Christianity is outmoded, hateful, and bad.

*All you need is a sincere belief in something nice.

*There is no such thing as sin.

*All sex is great and good, except when it involves marriage between one man and one woman. Anything else, stand up and cheer.

*The government will do anything and everything for you. There is no need for you to achieve anything at all.

*If we are nice to bloodthirsty, jihad-crazed savages, they’ll be nice to us.

*Basic survival really must take a back seat to super-important issues like Global Warming, abolishing binary gender roles, and animal, plant, and insect rights.

*Family life is optional. There’s always the government.

*It’s mean and selfish for people to want to preserve their own nation and national identity, when a world government would be ever so much nicer.

*All cultures are equally wonderful and praiseworthy, especially Islam, and except for anything involving the way Europe used to be.

Take up these ideas and make them part of your national psyche, and follow Western Europe down the drain.

8 comments on “Is It Too Late for Europe?

  1. It really makes me sad, because I lived in Germany for 6 years. But that was back in the 80’s under Reagan, and everything was different. It is hard to imagine that the Europe I knew and fell in love with is now losing its unique identity and surrendering itself to oblivion. If the current administration gets its way, we won’t be far behind I’m afraid. Yeah, I’ll take heat for this, but could it be that the “evil crusaders” of the Middle Ages were smarter than we are in the modern era?

    1. Let’s not forget that the Crusades were only launched after 300 years of constant Moslem aggression against Christendom. The provocation was sharp and usually violent.

      It’s only too bad the Crusaders didn’t finish the job.

  2. It is sad that Western Europe is falling into decay and ruin. They let in Muslim immigrants casually, as if nothing is wrong. Soon, the Muslim population would be greater than the European. Europeans would be a minority in their own native lands. And when they finally notice that, they would have some major problems on their hands, no doubt.

  3. I’m not sure that Western Europe will in fact be “preserved in history books.” Consider who’ll be writing those history books. Then again, maybe there won’t even be any history books.

  4. Europe is dying for all the reasons listed above AND they are not replenishing themselves!! The lowest birthrates are found in Italy & Spain (it’s hard to believe). America on the other hand is replenishing herself, plus the invasion of Central Americans consist of Christian worldview adherents. A good book on the subject is Mark Steyn’s “America Alone.”

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