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I received a notice this morning that The Silver Trumpet has finally gone to press. It’s Book No. 10 in the Bell Mountain series (starting, oddly enough, with Bell Mountain), so after you read this one, you’ll owe it to yourself to read the preceding nine.

What’s it about? Well, you’ll find out why the people of Obann have such a horror of the sea. There’s a big surprise in store for Gurun, the Queen. And an even bigger one for the army that marches out to sack the town of Ninneburky. And a divine vision has been given–not to sage or saint, but to a young chieftain of the Heathen.

The Silver Trumpet ought to be available in paperback, through or the publisher (Storehouse Press, per The Chalcedon Foundation, )–in fact, I probably ought to go and check right now.

Homeschoolers, Ahoy!

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Time for a commercial break.

If any of you out there have read my books, and liked them, and belong to a Christian homeschooling association, I’d be very much obliged if you’d drop them a line recommending my books. I’ve been trying for years to break into this market, and I haven’t done it yet.

The books are all available from, or directly from the publisher, Storehouse Press via the Chalcedon Store at , and there are nine of them in the series so far, with No. 10 due to be published some months from now. But our advertising budget is  small, microscopic even, and we are very much dependent on word-of-mouth recommendations from readers.

End of commercial.

Visit Chalcedon’s New Website

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The logo represents the crown rights of Jesus Christ the King of Kings, to which we devote ourselves.

I would be greatly remiss if I didn’t urge you, one and all, to check out The Chalcedon Foundation’s new, state-of-the-art website at .

Not that I know or understand much in the way of computer stuff. This morning I just found out that I’m a follower of my own blog. How dumb is that?

Chalcedon is an international Christian teaching ministry founded by the late R.J. Rushdoony–who, more than anybody else in America, secured our right to provide Christian home schooling to our children.

The new website is chock-full of articles on theology, book and movie reviews, historical writings, socio-political controversies, and more. It includes tutorial video to help you get started in using it, with continued access to the old site, plus archives–and it’s all free. Plus there’s the Chalcedon store, where you can order my books. (*!*)

It took a very long time and lot of very hard work to get this project done. (I was going to make a wee joke here, but something tells me that I’d better not.) As a contributing editor for Chalcedon–they also publish my books, and maintain this blog, not to mention hundreds of articles by me which are now to be found on the website–I invite you all to drop in and look around. You’re bound to find something useful!

Some Small Achievements

For those of you who may be curious about what I do when I’m not writing, researching, blogging, or catering to my cats–

I’ve just finished reading my new book, The Temple, and I was amazed to find not a single typo in it. I’m a whiz when it comes to spotting errors after the book is published and it’s too late to do anything about them. Once the train leaves the station, I can really see it! But the proofreading staff at Storehouse Press is just about the best in all the world.

I’ve been riding my bike just about every day since I got it a few weeks ago, and this morning I was able to execute my first turn… no-handed. When I was a kid, it took me months and months to master the art of riding without using my hands. The mastery of that esoteric art has come back to me in just about no time.

Well, back to work.

My New Books Are Coming Along

The Fugitive Prince is No. 5 in my Bell Mountain series. Collect all seven!

Another few chapters and I’ll be done writing the first draft of The Throne (Bell Mountain No. 9), which I began in April. I don’t know why this book went so fast. I do know I’ll miss it terribly when it’s done. Like, my baby has grown up and moved to Manchuria.

I know what the last line of the story is, and I know the incidents leading up to it. I just have to get them into the right order.

Meanwhile, we at Chalcedon/Storehouse Press are trying heroically to get The Temple (No. 8) ready so it’ll be on sale in time for Christmas. I just finished the last proof-reading today, and we’re waiting for a cover from artist Kirk DouPonce. I have no idea whether it can possibly be done on time.

But then I really have no idea how I write these books in the first place. I ask God for the story and He gives it to me–sometimes a little bit at a time, sometimes in a big flash.

If you would like to join the few, the proud, who have enjoyed these books, you can get started right here just by clicking “Books” and having a look around.