Collidge Morons Demand Control of News Reporting

What happens when two dysfunctional institutions come together? Twice as much idiocy!

Recently a bunch of “students” at Smith College–tuition, $63,950 a year: so how badly oppressed could they be?–staged a big fat protest over imaginary “racial discrimination.” When the noozies showed up to cover it, the “students” said no media would be allowed in unless they swore to “articulate their solidarity with black students” and promised that their news reports would be favorable to the alleged students ( ).

But wait, there’s more!

Some of the noozies actually did promise to give the protesters favorable coverage (like there’s any other kind, when noozies cover left-wing hijinks). Those who couldn’t make that promise were turned away. And the collidge backed up its students, all the way.

Nothing like teaching them Stalinism.

They don’t want free speech, they certainly don’t want freedom of religion, and now they don’t want a free press, either.

Do any of you pause to think about what you’re getting for those tuition dollars?

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  1. Years ago, some auto manufacturers decided to “thrift” their way to higher profits, be reducing the value of their products while raising the prices. It resulted in increased sales, for their competitors, and all but put some of them out of business. The buying public voted with their checkbooks and a once thriving industry lost in a big way for their short-sightedness.

    The colleges are creating an inferior quality graduate and soon their product will find itself without value in the market.

    1. Exactly the same thing happened to the horror novel market in the latter 1980s. They published so much dreck, the people stopped buying it. That was how my career as a horror novelist ended. I got thrown out with the trash.

  2. $64,000 a year!! That’s a quarter million dollars for four years, and most students these days take five or six years to graduate. I guess their parents think the connections they make with other wealthy families kids will pay off in the long run.

    1. Well, I sent an email to Dr. Stephens, asking him if they have any plans to forbid girls to say no when boys ask them for dates. I encourage other readers to contact him, too.
      Wait’ll #MeToo gets hold of this.

    2. Lee, I actually did as you suggested and sent an email to Dr. Stephens. Here’s my email:

      ​Dear Dr. Stephens:

      As a concerned mother of three, stepmother of 2, grandmother of 5 and great grandmother of 1, I urge you to re-evaluate your policy regarding not allowing a girl to say ‘no’ if a boy asks her to dance.

      This policy sets a dangerous precedent and sends the wrong message to our young girls. It is not unreasonable to think they might extrapolate this into other areas, such as abuse of any kind.

      Please reconsider your policy and allow young girls the freedom of choice regarding who they dance with.

      Thank you.


      Mrs. Linda Sorci

      In the remote chance I receive a reply, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

    3. Update: I did receive a reply and here it is:

      I agree with you! I was not aware that this instruction was being given to students. We met with the principal yesterday and that practice will no longer be in place in the future–including tomorrow’s Valentine’s Dance. Thanks,

      Dr. Jeff Stephens

      Superintendent; Weber School District

      Miracles do happen 🙂

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