Just In: U. of Houston Says All Lives *Don’t* Matter

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Yup, the campus Stalinists are at it again. This time, the University of Houston suspended a student (vice president of the student government, by the way) and sentenced her to “diversity workshop” where she will be taught, comrades, to think exactly like everybody else, exactly like the university says to think ( http://dailycaller.com/2016/07/31/all-lives-matter-gets-texas-student-suspended-sent-to-diversity-workshop/ ).

The student’s crime, described as “unthinkably offensive” and “hateful,” was to say “All lives matter.” Silly girl! Only black lives matter! But not to worry, the diversity workshop will soon erase her individuality.

If there is any other institution in America that does more harm to its people than the university system (with the nooze media a close second), I don’t know what it is.

People who love and respect their children don’t send them to a public university.

The Agony of Reading Books by the Wrong Color People

Every time you think America’s university system has hit bottom, it lurches down another notch. You’re gonna just love this story from Columbia University–under Herbert Marcuse in the 1960s, one of the original hatcheries of American Stalinism.

Here a quivering tulip of a student, “in her fifth year of undergraduate studies” (remember when it only took four years?), claims to have suffered “trauma” and “anguish” over having to read books written by white men ( https://pjmedia.com/trending/2015/11/20/columbia-student-in-anguish-because-she-has-to-read-books-by-white-people ).

Oh, the suffering! And the university officials can’t do anything with her because they’re the ones who filled her head with all this glop in the first place. They can’t disavow the ideology of victimhood that they taught her.

The student is black, and female. Therefore she should only have to read books written by black females. For any other kind of book to appear before her eyes would be “microaggression” and “oppression.”

As it is, the poor creature expects she’ll have to put in a sixth year just to get her bachelor’s degree.

Oh, no! They call it a “bachelor’s degree!” Quick, somebody call 911, we have to report an incident of microaggression. “Bachelor” is a sexist word, injurious and hurtful and mean to all female students enrolled in colleges throughout the land.

Real racism having been solved, inasmuch as flawed human beings living in a fallen world can solve it, what remains is imaginary racism. The great thing about imaginary problems is that they remain in perpetuity, they can never be solved because they don’t exist.

And have you noticed? Progressives and their followers have re-invented Jim Crow.

In their quest for freedom, they have subjected themselves to slavery.

Way to go.

Collidge Morons Demand Control of News Reporting

What happens when two dysfunctional institutions come together? Twice as much idiocy!

Recently a bunch of “students” at Smith College–tuition, $63,950 a year: so how badly oppressed could they be?–staged a big fat protest over imaginary “racial discrimination.” When the noozies showed up to cover it, the “students” said no media would be allowed in unless they swore to “articulate their solidarity with black students” and promised that their news reports would be favorable to the alleged students ( http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/11/19/these-college-protesters-are-demanding-the-media-who-cover-them-support-their-cause-really/ ).

But wait, there’s more!

Some of the noozies actually did promise to give the protesters favorable coverage (like there’s any other kind, when noozies cover left-wing hijinks). Those who couldn’t make that promise were turned away. And the collidge backed up its students, all the way.

Nothing like teaching them Stalinism.

They don’t want free speech, they certainly don’t want freedom of religion, and now they don’t want a free press, either.

Do any of you pause to think about what you’re getting for those tuition dollars?

Stalin U.: 51% of Collidge Students Want Restrictions on Speech

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If the university had a god, it would be Stalin.

Don’t look now, but our right to bear arms isn’t the only item on the Bill of Rights that’s under threat. They’ve also got their sights set on the First Amendment, which guarantees to us freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion.

Gotta hand it to those universities. They are doing a bang-up job of undermining everything that used to be America. This is “fundamental transformation” with a vengeance.

And so a recent poll of some 800 college students nationwide finds that a majority, 51%, say “there need to be more restrictions made on free speech, especially any speech that could be viewed as hateful or unacceptable” ( http://www.educationnews.org/higher-education/poll-majority-of-college-students-want-restrictions-on-free-speech/).

Hmm… “hateful” or “unacceptable”… what would be hateful or unacceptable speech?

Why, anything and everything that could be “viewed” as such by brainwashed morons at a college! Anything can wind up being viewed as hateful. Just try saying “Marriage is a man and a woman,” and see what happens. Just try expressing any opinion but the politically correct opinion, and see what they do to you.

Don’t blame the kids. Their minds have been worked over but good, starting in kindergarten.

This is what you get after thirteen years of indoctrination by members of the teachers’ unions, plus whatever they’ve had time to do to you in collidge.

Here is my message:

America is educating itself to death.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.