Can I Get 3,000 Hits This Month?

Here’s Honus Wagner, who got his 3,000 hits the hard way. I wonder what he was thinking, when they snapped this picture.

After two months in a row with 3,000 hits on this blog, it wasn’t looking good for November. Like, where did everybody go? And who’s going to visit here on Thanksgiving?

But thanks to a huge shot in the arm on Friday, I can make it if I can get about 100 views a day for the next eight days. This is coming close enough so that it’ll sting if I miss.

Can I make it? I will try to provide you with interesting reading over those eight days. I’ll even provide advice for riding a bike without using your hands.

Three months in a row with 3,000–hey, that would be really sweet.

7 comments on “Can I Get 3,000 Hits This Month?

    1. Well I’ll be praying that we continue to receive your posts – uninterrupted. (You, and all of God’s people are in my prayers nightly.) The articles you write for NewsWithViews are much appreciated, as well.
      Happy cycling.

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