Attention, Readers: New Comment Contest

These girls would be even happier if they entered my comment contest…

In keeping with this festive season of the year (I’ve always wanted to say that!), I am opening another comment contest for readers of this blog.

Whoever sends in comment No. 4,000 will receive one of my books, free–your choice of title.

Not eligible will be ads disguised as comments, using my page as free advertising space–shame on them!–or comments personally abusive to me or any reader, comments containing the f-bomb or any other profanity, or stuff that’s just too inane to publish.

If you’re still in the dark about how to post a comment, just look at the fine print at the bottom of one of my posts and click “Leave a Reply.”


10 comments on “Attention, Readers: New Comment Contest

    1. It probably won’t be over until after New Year’s, but let’s just call it a way of livening up this blog in honor of Christmas.

  1. The US government has determined that riding bikes while holding hands is irresponsible. The two girls pictured have been sent to a re-education camp.

  2. According to available data, it appears that it is the US government that should be sent to a re-education camp – possibly one of Hillary’s ‘fun camps for adults’.

    Hope you hit 3000, Lee 🙂

  3. Should I just wait until I see that you’re getting very close to that 4,000 mark before commenting or is this comment going to count or — how does this contest work? I don’t get it. And you’re right. We do need some livening up since it’s the Christmas season.

  4. I’d love to win this one : ) My daughter is nearly finished with Bell Mountain and wants to read more. Wytt is her favorite–she loves it that he’s adorable and fierce at the same time.

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