Threatening Your Neighbor… With Dolls

When people in a Christian country actually start doing pagan things, that’s a sign of cultural decay.

Here’s a shiny new example from my own neck of the woods: a woman was arrested and charged with harassing her neighbor by planting dolls–yes, dolls–with “vulgar writings” on them, “at or near the victim’s residence on three separate occasions,” to quote the police report ( ). [Note: to find this item, scroll down to where it says “Dunellen.”]

Would you find that menacing? We are not told whether the dolls in question were, well, voodoo dolls, used to put a curse on someone. Just that the dolls had “vulgar writings” on them.

Oh, churches! Yoo-hoo, wakey-wakey… Could you take a little time off deciding what kind of espresso machine to order for your lounge, and devote a few moments to the state of Christianity in today’s America? Pastors, do you have anyone in your congregation who might be into voodoo dolls–and yet still consider herself a Christian in good standing?

I have no idea what it’ll take to wake the churches.

6 comments on “Threatening Your Neighbor… With Dolls

  1. Were any of these dolls related to Chucky?

    Waking the churches up may prove to be a daunting task, accomplished by Jesus alone. It appears the churches have been infiltrated by the enemy.

    1. The police discreetly declined to describe the dolls, and the reporter–if there was a reporter involved–didn’t bother to get the details of the story.

    1. Overcoming the fear of dolls is the first step to a career in Special Forces. Find a Navy Seal or a Green Beret and ask if they are afraid of dolls. My bet is that they’ll laugh in your face. Proof positive, right there. 🙂

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