Lake Murray, New Guinea: Dinosaur Sightings

If you wish to join the search for the Lake Murray monster, here’s where to start.

Does a Tyrannosaurus rex stalk the shores of Lake Murray in Papua New Guinea? ( ) A number of people say they’ve seen it?

Gee, how come living dinosaurs don’t show up on the White House lawn or in Central Park, New York City, where we can all see them? And what am I doing, writing pap like this the day after yet another mass shooting in America?

If I don’t turn away from the “real” news from time to time, it’ll destroy me.

And anyhow, what if those stories from New Guinea are true? Hey, a few years ago, the idea that you could find and study dinosaur soft tissue would have seemed like sheer lunacy. Now it’s done all the time. We do not yet have the official and bona fide scientific explanation of how soft tissue can survive 65 million, 100 million, years in the ground. (I see only two possible explanations: either our understanding of how animal remains get fossilized is totally all wet, or else those remains are much, much younger than Official Science will admit.)

Eyewitnesses describe a huge, two-legged monster with long, sharp teeth as inhabiting the environs of Lake Murray. They say they’ve seen it with their own eyes. A couple of the witnesses were Christian missionaries.

It makes me think again of that Wagon Train episode. If Bill Hawks had dropped what he was doing and ridden out among those hills and canyons, not very far away, would he have found Dimetrodons? We’ll never know, because he just did what the script called for and possibly the thought of Dimetrodons never crossed his mind.

But what if somewhere, somehow, someone does discover a living dinosaur and presents it to the world?

Wouldn’t that be something!

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  1. Believing this is much more palatable than the “real” propagandized news that spews from the lame stream media. Not much different than the indoctrination of our children by our “education” system. I’ll stop here lest I go on a total rant.

  2. Thank you for the forum, Lee. Here goes my rant. . .

    First, let me start with the fact that this country has gone the way of ancient Israel – arrogantly telling a Holy God that we will do it our way. Israel faced judgment and we will too.

    As Bible-believing Christians we MUST be on our faces repenting to our Righteous God for the sins of this nation. We have much blood on our hands – from the murders of millions of unborn (which is nothing more than sacrificing to baal our children on the altars of moloch); to the illegal wars presented as bringing freedom to oppressed countries, when in reality we have always had ulterior and selfish motives. I say “we” because we have remained silent (and even patriotic) while our nation has been taken over by those who worship Satan. Strong statement, but there is no getting around it. Then we have the audacity to bathe the White House in a rainbow, insulting a Just and Holy God to His face with His very covenant sign! Speaking of the White House, our current “usurper-in-chief” warned us his plan was to “fundamentally transform America”. He has succeeded. Spiritual blindness allowed many to vote for this impostor. If you did, I encourage you to repent. Utter sadness and disgust. At 67 years old, I admit I wasn’t always awake, but I’ve been blessed with the Holy Spirit’s gift of discernment for more than 3 decades and have been following rabbit trails ever since. It gets pretty deep and very discouraging. Our only answer is Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Do not look to ANY mainstream media for the truth. Read The Bible and pray. And there are many reliable sources in the alternative media for those who wish to discover what’s behind the headlines. With Lee’s permission, I will be glad to provide links to a few of them.

    God Bless and protect us all! It’s our only hope.

    Even so, come Lord Jesus!

    1. Our science isn’t science anymore, or education system only mis-educates, and our nooze media doesn’t give us the news anymore: but our God is still God, and His counsel shall stand forever.

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