Hillery, the Smartest Wimmin in Americka!

My prefesser he gave me a peace of a old plad shirt today and i had it for lunch. I wish thay wuld stop shootin me up with these moth hormoans; but they let me stay in collidge as long as i in this exspearmint.

I cant whate for Hillery to be Presdint! She sayed too things recintly that proove she is a interllectural and aslo super intelagint.

Frist she sayed there isnt no such thing as a Muslin terrarist and Izlom isnt nothing but piece and kind-ness. Then she sayed wen a wimmin acusses a man of raip, all those here acussations had ouhgjt to be beleaved. My prefesser he says this is reel genious, she have come up with a hole new doctring of law, gilty until proofed innercent!

Some no good christin he sayed Well whatt abuot al them wimmim who sayed Bill Clinton he raiped them?? And Bill is Hillerys husbend. He sayed How come yiu dint beleave them, huh? But my prefesser he said that was hat speach and that christin he better wacht out or he wil wind up in sensortivity training.

And anyway thay shuld considder it a honor to be raiped by Bill Clinton and wen his wife is Presdint she wil give them lots of muny for there trubble.

I wunder wich tastes better, red plad or blue plad?

6 comments on “Hillery, the Smartest Wimmin in Americka!

  1. Red plaid tastes the best.

    Also, do I detect a hint of dissatisfaction with your ‘prefessers’? Come over the Right; we have sanity and cookies 😀

    1. Oh no! yiu tryin to trick me! My prefesser he is a interllectural and i am one too so we is smarter than yiu, yuo wil seee wen the exspearmint is sucksesful and I got my wimmins cromasoames.

  2. It occurs to me that this may be the answer to our illegal immigration problem. Wouldn’t you think they’d be leaving in droves?

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