Help Me Go Out With a Bang

It’s the last month of the year, and I would dearly love to have another 3,000 hits on this blog. It ain’t easy to do! And certainly I can’t do it without my readers.

I will keep posting, if possible, on every day. But please feel free to explore the Archives. You may find some stuff in there that you really enjoy


Whait! Stop! Dont reed this guys blog, he is a Climbit Change Denyer and a hater and he isnt a interllectural at al, he forgott everthing he ever lerned in collidge.

My prefesser he sayed i shuld make yiu a better offfer! Anyboddy who dont reed this blog no more, even if yuo not in collidge, yiu can say yiu ar a interllectural, jist like if you reely was in collidge like me and gettin a degre in Gender Studies. Yuo can say yiu a interllectural and we wil back yuo up!

Oh lookit this, he left one of his sox on the coutch i think i wil ete it! They stil shootin me up with moth hormoanes and i think i gettin used to it. That blue sock dose look yummy i hop he warshed it latly!

Anyhow! Stay awaye from this hear blog and we wil tel peple that yiu a interllectural and reel smart, and dont forgit to vot for Hillery! Is the elecktin somtime thist munth? I beter ask.

5 comments on “Help Me Go Out With a Bang

  1. Merry Christmas! May 2016 see us on our knees beseeching our Lord for mercy followed by wisdom, clarity, strength and courage.

  2. Wouldn’t it be fun to get so many hits that it overwhelms your server? 🙂 You’ll make it, Lee. You have loyal followers.

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