Some Not-so-hot Gifts

If you enjoy the custom of giving gifts at Christmastime, here are a few it would be better to avoid. I have seen some of these gifts presented, and it has always turned out badly.

*Evening in Akron. This is a perfume. At least that’s what the label says. Akron, Ohio, is famous for the manufacture of tires. That’s what this stuff smells like. Tires. And it costs a lot, too.

*The “Hillary Clinton Laugh” Ring Tone. Not even to your worst enemy should you give this. You know the laugh I mean: the one that sounds like she ought to be stirring something in a cauldron, in a graveyard at midnight.

*The Do-It-Yourself Transgendering Kit. Well, hey, you get what you pay for.

*Somebody has a great deal on full shipping crates of Compound W, the wart remover; but I think there is a limit to how many little tubes of Compound W you can give someone without greatly offending him.

*The Harry Plotnik fantasy novels, by Ray Kay Jowling. These books are, of course, knockoffs of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter tales. In Harry Plotnik and the Healthy Dallows, for instance, the young sorcerer and his friends race the evil magician, Lord Liverwort, for possession of powerful magical items that restore sweet breath and a healthy head of hair. The only original touch is provided by the publisher, Bogoff Books, who put in some of the pages upside-down.

*How to Tame Any Animal, No Matter How “Dangerous,” instructional video by the late Hobart Smedley. You’ll see him sharing his technique for taming a nestful of hornets. You will not see him going up a ladder, high up into a tree, and trying his technique on hornets who weren’t quite in the mood. Also included is a tribute to Hobart by Alan “Stumpy” Jones, the former shark trainer.

So there you have ’em, folks. Steer clear of these items, and hopefully they’ll steer clear of you.

9 comments on “Some Not-so-hot Gifts

    1. Oh, and I think I’ll gift the Hillary Laugh Ring Tone to Obama; it might drive him to resign and we can hold the elections in a month or two instead of in a year.

    2. Speaking of Obama, I heard on Twitter that he just vowed to destroy ISIS.
      I wonder how that is going to turn out.

    3. Right again, Lee – including the laughs. And it just may be the only thing he’s told the truth about.

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