‘White Christian Terrorists’???

No, this is not a satire. It is the latest eruption from Mt. Progressive. Soon you’ll be seeing a lot of it.

Columnist Cliff May recently was a guest of some guy named Thom Hartmann on “the No. 1 Progressive Talk Show in America.” (http://townhall.com/columnists/cliffmay/2015/12/09/divided-we-fall-n2091497 ) Never heard of it. Anyhow, Ol’ Thom Whatsisname made the–ahem!–assertion that Americans are “seven times more likely” to be murdered, on American soil, by “white Christian terrorists” than by Muslim terrorists. And this just a few days after San Bernardino.

Seven times, eh? Let’s see… since the first attack on the World Trade Center, the one that didn’t blow it up but still killed a bunch of people, Muslim bad guys have murdered more than 3,000 Americans here in America. So is Thom So-and-so suggesting that “white Christian terrorists” have slaughtered, oh, 21,000 Americans, without anybody noticing?

Hey–just search “White Christian Terrorists” and you’ll find all kinds of entries, from “statistics” compiled by the fanatical leftist hate group, the (lol) Southern Poverty Law Center, to the ravings of individual progressive bloggers.

Thom I-forgot-his-name-already was not asked to name any of these white Christian terrorist groups that has been making our streets run red with blood. I’m sure he would have come up with a few crazed individuals who did not actually belong to any group. But what would he have given us by way of Christian terrorist groups? The Southern Baptists? The Republican Party? The Roman Catholic Church? Rotary Club?

Are these people quite all there?

President *Batteries Not Included informs us, repeatedly, that the Islamic State is not Islamic and has nothing to do with Islam. I guess they just call themselves that to disguise the fact that they’re all Methodists.

So fervent is the progressives’ hatred of Christianity, that they go rushing to embrace Islam. Is that what they really want? What will they do when their Islamic buddies start tossing their gay buddies off the tops of buildings, and subjecting their feminist buddies to honor killings and genital mutilation? Uh, guys, have you thought this thing through?

I wonder how long it will take the New York Times to hop on board the “white Christian terrorists” bandwagon?

And next year’s national Democrat Convention ought really be something to see!

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  1. Is it any wonder that Time Magazine named Angela Merkel person of the year for 2015?!! The inmates are running the asylum. Dear Lord, come quickly!

  2. You’ve got a cool resume, but it appears not to have included a course in statistics. The likelihood of a result is determined by the frequency of an event having happened previously, each occurrence having equal bearing on predicting an outcome, not on the number of victims in any single event, or on a total number of casualties.

    You have to compare the number of incidents of domestic terrorism (inspired by domestic issues) to the number of incidents of terrorism by (or inspired by) foreigners. That’s where your third paragraph went wrong.

    IF you are to be murdered at all, which is unlikely in general, it is most likely to be by someone you know. Terrorist acts are exceedingly rare by any measure outside of space in the media. Comparing domestic vs foreign terrorism is measuring the difference between a nit and a gnat.

    1. Thank you, I stand corrected as to my use of statistics.
      It would appear, then, that ol’ Thom was using a totally meaningless statistic, comparing a bunch of petty incidents no one ever heard of, to some splashy incidents in which a lot of people got killed, and trying to convince I dunno who that “white Christian terrorists” are gunning for them.

    2. I had a distant past in show biz. I got tired of dealing with the sales scams and stalkers, so I no longer use my “known” name online.

      The name’s also a metaphor. Even when we know each other, there’s an invisible person in you no one knows. We fool ourselves to a degree as to who we really are. Deep, huh?

    3. Well, that gives us something to wonder about! I’d have a “Guess Who Invisible Mikey Is” contest, but I think it’d be more fun if you kept your incognito.

    4. LOL – I was apparently only famous enough for trolls… I’m sure any competent detective could figure it out quickly. I do talk about the town I live in, and it’s small enough I could be found rather easily, but this nom de blog turned out to be enough disguise to solve the problem.

    5. Ah – makes sense. I’m a bit confused by your reply to Lee’s blog though. How does a murder by “someone you know” fit in the category of domestic terrorism (although I’m certain the victim suffers terror)? And doesn’t the word “domestic” apply whether it’s related to domestic issues or accomplished on our soil regardless of motivation and whether or not the perpetrator is a foreigner or not? Wouldn’t it be domestic terrorism either way?

  3. Good point, Linda. I don’t know how “they”, any of the authorities, define terrorism. It seems the law has one definition, the media others, and people might draw their own versions also.

    My original comment was about ambiguities in how to use or view a statistical percentage. The incidents of terrorism referred to in the article also involved murders, so I segued to that statistic to compare two kinds of stats. Maybe clumsy, but I hope that makes my intent clearer.

    1. Thank you, Mikey. And I agree that there are objective and subjective definitions for terrorism. Maybe too many for the current regime as they have become quite adept in avoiding it (the term, that is) altogether.

    1. It was a “progressive” talk show host (never heard of him), which I would say makes him almost certain to be a liberal Democrat.

  4. The only group that comes to my mind that might fit a type of terror group is that church that goes around protesting at funerals of servicemen. That would be scary and awfully hurtful in the minds and hearts of the mourners. But I don’t know if the members of that church are white or even truly Christian.

    1. That’s the Plainsboro Baptist Church, which has never, ever done anything more violent than to make inane protests at funerals. But in the mind of a liberal, of course, they are equivalent to ISIS.

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