Norway: Gov’t Agency Abducts Christian Children

I am sorry I have to cover stories like this one. I’m sure some of you would rather not read them. But duty is duty. We cannot carry out our commission as Christians successfully if we don’t know what we’re up against.

According to various news reports, Norway’s child protection service (lol) has grabbed five Christian children away from their family and kept them separated from their parents ( ).

Why did they do that? Because the school principal–Reason #4,096 for homeschooling your children–called ’em up and told ’em she was worried about the kiddies because the parents were “radical Christians” who were subjecting their children to “Christian indoctrination.”

What is a “radical Christian”? Search me. No one has bothered to define it. But it seems the principal and the government were distressed to think that the parents were teaching their children that “God punishes sins.” Clearly that is not a thought that should be allowed to be thought in Norway.

Someone over there owes an apology to St. Olaf. This is not the kind of Norway he died to bring into being.

Norway is being thronged by Muslims, thousands and thousands of them. But are they worried about that? No. They’re afraid of “radical Christians.”

Is there any radical secularism in Norway? Do the state schools do any indoctrination?

Can you imagine the howl that would go up, if “Christians” grabbed some atheists’ children and taught them that humanism is backward and wrong? They’d hear it on Mars.

Oh, but what are we complaining about? All they did was take a family’s children. Chucked ma and pa in jail for a night, too. For the “crime” of–well, who knows what the crime was? Whatever the state says is a crime, from day to day.

Vengeance belongs to God. And on a day already determined by Him, He will collect.

10 comments on “Norway: Gov’t Agency Abducts Christian Children

  1. Sickening. Here we must not allow our children to be “free-ranging”. God is longsuffering and wants all to come to repentance, but this world has fallen so far into the clutches of the evil one that it’s difficult to fathom with our puny human minds just what God means by longsuffering, My prayer is that all will hear His Voice, come to repentance and be saved – soon!

  2. Saint Olaf? Are you kidding? The only saints are people like Al Gore and Hillary; you know, people who actually contribute to society!

  3. Yes, Christians are so radical that they shout “Jesus!” just before blowing themselves up or shooting innocent civilians. I jest. They act like Christianity is some new weird religion that hasn’t been around for the past ohhh two thousand years. What they have substituted for Christianity is a god-less religion that calls good evil and evil good. I’d call it Statenism (statism+Satanism). If they think Christianity is so bad, then they will get Islam in it’s stead. And Islam is a cruel taskmaster.

  4. This is quite a tragedy. But things like that are supposed to be expected, I suppose. I don’t understand how a nation can become Christianized, but never ever stay that way.

    1. Over the years, Darwin, Marx, Freud, John Dewey, and their countless adherents have done their work only too well. Meanwhile, the churches sold themselves and went into hibernation.

    1. Speaking of churches, I just saw an article entitled “Hillsong Church Rendition of ‘Silent Night’ Features Roaring 20’s Flappers In Nightclub Setting”. I’m sick to my stomach. Refuse to watch the video. The descent into evil has just added another rung to the ladder.

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