Hymn, ‘Pat-a-Pan’

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Pat-a-Pan is a Burgundian Christmas carol, first published in 1720. This performance is by the Harrisburg Baptist Church in the 2010 Northern Mississippi Christmas Festival, and they really go to town on it.

This carol was on the repertoire of the Franklin Junior High School Christmas program of 1962. I ought to know: our whole home room got drafted into the school choir, willy-nilly.

We are not able to travel to spend Christmas Day with my brother and sister. It’s dense fog this morning, with heavy rain forecast throughout the afternoon. The Garden State Parkway is daunting even in nice weather. In bad weather, the cars wind up scattered all over the place like Tinker Toys.

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4 responses to “Hymn, ‘Pat-a-Pan’

  • Linda Sorci

    Thank you, Lee. Never heard this before, and the choreography was nice, too. Just to let you know, the link doesn’t play – it redirects to youtube so I went there to watch it.
    So sorry you won’t be able to visit with your family. Our weather here in Western New York is drizzly and dreary but not too windy and no fog. Family will be coming here, complete with our 16-month old granddaughter.
    Have a truly Blessed and Merry Christmas, you and your family. God bless!

  • programmer1971

    Merry Christmas and God Bless the Duigons

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