Hymn, ‘I Am the Bread of Life’

By reader request, I Am the Bread of Life.

That picture of Jesus–we always had it in our home, when I was growing up. Indeed, I saw it in a lot of homes, and Sunday school classrooms. I have no idea who painted it, or when.

Y’know, my folks weren’t theologians, they never thought of holding family Bible study. But oh, boy, we grew up knowing who our Savior was! To this day I would rejoice if My Lord were as solidly real to me now as He was when I was six years old.

Confound it, there go the eyes again. Must be the stuff the doctor put in them this morning.

3 comments on “Hymn, ‘I Am the Bread of Life’

  1. I know what you mean about wishing you could see Him again from a child’s perspective. Jesus calls us to have faith like a child…humble, simple, unassuming faith. But that’s not so easy as our lives get more complex, and as we become more exposed to all the evil of this world. There are still times when brief glimpses of light shine through it all, when I manage to go back to that innocence and His love and power just wash over me until I am overwhelmed by His greatness. I hang onto those moments to get me through all the rest.

  2. And isn’t it odd that so many have no problem believing in Satan and demons, but somehow cannot believe in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – except as one pontificator described Him – just a nice guy who died. Mind-boggling.
    Thank you for the hymn, Lee. Another favorite.

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