And Ka-boom Goes the Hoverboard

I never heard of hoverboards until a few weeks ago, when I heard a news report on the radio about hoverboards exploding or bursting into flame for no apparent reason.

It’s confusing because the gadget is not a board, neither does it hover. It’s a set of self-propelled wheels. But it’s got this lithium battery that can be tricky.

Get a load of the video: this was a serious fire. The kid only had his hoverboard for one day. He plugged it in to charge the battery, and thar she blows.

I think I’ll pass on this toy, folks. My bike will not blow up on me. My dinosaur figurines are not likely to burn down my apartment. I don’t care for possessions that turn on you and might could kill you. Leave that to old episodes of The Twilight Zone.

6 comments on “And Ka-boom Goes the Hoverboard

  1. Funny you mention Twilight Zone – my husband is watching old episodes at the moment 🙂 These new-fangled techno-toys are made and advertised to make children pester their parents until they relent. $300? For a toy? Really? Wow! And it lasted a whole day and blew up his bedroom! Give me pick-up-sticks and jacks or a bicycle, or maybe dodgeball – oh, I forgot, dodgeball is probably too dangerous. Geez!

    1. Wow! I remember those! And hula hoops 🙂 Good exercise and they don’t explode.

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