One More Carol: ‘Gesu Bambino’

Is it too late to post one more Christmas carol? Nah!

This is the U.S. Army Band performing Gesu Bambino, and it is knock-your-block-off beautiful! I always loved this carol, but I never knew what it was called. My wife has enlightened me: it’s one of her favorites.

Remember, the hymn shop is open from now on, I will take requests day or night, and there’s no reason for anybody to be bashful. Step right up and let me know if there’s a hymn you’d like to hear on this site. All you have to do is scroll down a little and “Leave a Comment.”

One comment on “One More Carol: ‘Gesu Bambino’”

  1. Wow! How beautiful! It’s quietly, softly powerful. And I agree, it’s not too late – any song that praises Our Lord is a welcome sound anytime in this fallen world. Thank you, Lee.

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