Hymn, ‘Throw Out the Lifeline’

I never heard of this hymn until my wife suggested it last night, and this version of it charmed me. We already have this guy with the autoharp performing Bringing in the Sheaves. He may not be the next Pavarotti, but he plays the autoharp and uses it to praise the Lord, and that is very cool indeed.

So this is just two regular guys giving it their all for a hymn that you don’t often get to hear, up here in Yankeeland. I think it’ll help get your day off to a good start.

3 comments on “Hymn, ‘Throw Out the Lifeline’

  1. What a fun way to start the day! These guys are great! Obviously unconcerned with being on American Idol, they praise The Lord with the voices He gave them. Fantastic!

    1. I just found a treasure trove of videos, featuring these guys performing old-time hymns. So you’ll be seeing more of them!

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