Gloom and Doom Report: Yellowstone Volcano

The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof: the world, and they that dwell therein…   –Psalm 24

Fortified by hymns and a bike ride, I return to my journalistic function. Wahoo.

Today we have scientists warning us that the volcano under Yellowstone Park, or some other big nasty, might blow sky-high in an eruption: “a major one that could kill millions and devastate the planet” ( ).

Global Warming gonna get us… no, it’s the ocean gonna get us… we’re all gonna die…

There have been some pretty terrible volcanic eruptions in the past–like Krakatoa, or the one that destroyed the Minoan civilization, and Vesuvius is always itching to wipe out a few more cities. But it is not in the nature of a volcanic eruption to “devastate the planet.” I mean, The Planet is pretty big, and even the biggest eruption, by comparison, is pretty small….

If Christians warn people that God’s wrath is nothing to trifle with, and that He just might order the land to spew us out, well, they all laugh at us, or even shake their fists and make faces at us.

But when “scientists” warn us that we’re doomed, we’re all supposed to take it seriously.

They’re always trying to scare us. I think it’s supposed to whip us into line. There’s absolutely nothing they can do to prevent the volcano under Yellowstone from erupting; but if this story gets repeated often enough, you can bet the house that somebody in Washington will move to set up a Dept. of Volcano Safety and demand we all pay higher taxes. Or it’s part of Climate Change, and we must all pay higher taxes.

Or, like, maybe we could stop provoking God’s wrath?

I dare any public figure to suggest that.

5 comments on “Gloom and Doom Report: Yellowstone Volcano

  1. I’m not sure that volcanoes can’t “devastate the planet.” Look up the year without a summer and imagine if that happened today. But maybe we can get Obama to ban Volcanoes. 😉

    1. Volcanoes come and go, and there have been a great many eruptions, and the planet is still here. The Minoan civilization is not: chalk up one for the Thera volcano. But we can hardly expect these things to stop happening, so it must be our concern to find out the best way to live with them.

      It doesn’t seem as if anyone has ever bothered to do this.

  2. It boggles my mind that people will believe in ghosts, the spirit realm, angels, demons, Satan – even scientists and climate change, but belief in The Creator of the Universe who’s prerogative it is to use His creation – volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts etc. – for chastisement and judgment is preposterous to them, What??? If they could only use the eye salve to remove the scales from their eyes, they would see that Our Heavenly Father loves us and loves His creation. Prayer is powerful and God does wish that all would come to repentance. I truly wish someone could explain to me how it’s so easy for them to ‘pray’ to their mother nature, spirits, the departed, trees – whatever, and yet God is a myth??? Sorry but I just don’t get it. And yet they are content to remain blind and helpless while they pray to their impotent gods.

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