Is It OK for Christians to Watch Pagan Movies?

When this sort of thing starts making sense to you, it’s time to ease up on the movies.

You probably already know I’m going to say yes, of course it is. And pagan TV shows. And to read pagan books, etc. But not all Christians would agree with me.

In Acts 17, Paul delivers a sermon to the pagan know-it-alls of Athens, in which he quotes “your own poets.” Obviously Paul was familiar with pagan Greek literature, and used it to make his Christian message more understandable to his audience. Not that many of them listened, but that was hardly his fault.

How can we effectively carry out our mission, the Great Commission, if we don’t know what we’re up against? If we don’t know how to communicate with this world’s audience? If we have no idea of how they see things, no idea of how they think?

Popular culture can do much to educate us in these areas.

To be sure, you don’t want to be watching so many of those pagan movies and TV shows, if it’s gotten to the point that they’re starting to make sense to you. For instance, it’s useful to know how deeply the Evolutionary Myth has soaked into our culture. It is not useful to start believing in it yourself.

If you can learn how to decode the cultural messages buried in movies and TV programs, you can learn much. At the very least you can learn what to watch out for.

You don’t have to feel guilty for watching a movie.

Just don’t let the movies get to you.

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  1. That being said, I’m awfully careful about what I watch (or read) in terms of graphic content–and most everything Hollywood makes is graphic these days. As I always tell my kids, you can’t “unsee” things. Nothing like being traumatized by your entertainment.

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