Britain’s Fear of Christians

I told you, you can learn a lot about an era, a nation, by examining its popular culture.

Last night we watched the first episode of a recent (2015) British TV series, Midwinter of the Spirit. It’s about a Church of England woman minister who becomes an exorcist. It’s really rather well done, although the premise does sound kind of lame, if not absurd.

But the thing that most impressed me about it was the way the screenwriters have the other characters react to members of the clergy. The other characters, from all walks of life, behave as if Christianity were some weird tribal cult from the heart of the Amazonian rain forest, complete with shrunken heads.

We have also seen this in other British TV productions: Midsomer Murders, for one.

England was not like this when I was born. This has happened during my own lifetime, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. They’ll still pop into church for the odd funeral or wedding, but for all practical purposes, Britain, cradle of saints, has been de-Christianized.

How? How did that happen? And what do these de-Christianized Brits believe in now? I’m almost afraid to ask, but I want to know. What do they believe in now?

A prediction: phenomena traditionally described as demonic possession will increase as a culture drifts farther and farther away from Christianity, and into God knows what.

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  1. This is one of the reasons why Islam has made such inroads into Europe. Christianity has always been the one thing that united Europe even though they spoke different languages, had different cultures, and didn’t always get along. With that gone there is no longer a bulwark against such forces. Europe wants other gods, so it will get them but it wont be pleasant experience. The same can be said for us on the other side of the pond as well.

    1. You’re absolutely correct, Watchman. There’s an interesting article at
      posted on January 9th you or others may be interested in. It addresses ‘other gods’ and the Pope’s stance.

      As for the reason Brits fear Christians, my only guess is the same reason it’s happening here and has happened throughout history – remove the One True God and this is what you get. The father of lies is very busy recruiting and he has ‘his children’ busy as well. For the life of me, I cannot understand the attraction!

    2. You’re right that the experience won’t be pleasant. Look at what just happened in Cologne and Stuttgart Germany with all those women being assaulted. And Germany is afraid to stand up, say it is wrong, and do something about it. I am so glad I don’t live in Stuttgart anymore.

  2. I hesitate to click “like” on this post…it is just too sad. And scary when I see our country headed in the same direction. Revelation never seemed so real as it has in recent years.

  3. The decline of Christian morality in the Western world is very evident. The Christian radio & TV show ministers I listen to are always saying how much Chrisitianity is spreading in South America, southern Africa, China and India. I know in South Korea they have one church with 830,000 members, many of whom spend their hard-earned vacations praying in caves in the mountains.

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