‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’

No one has requested a hymn for today–those who haven’t done so yet, come on, join in!–and I need a hymn. It’s only just ten o’clock and I’ve already heard enough bad news to last me all day.

So, OK, I found this and I hope you like it–Mahalia Jackson singing Onward, Christian Soldiers. Go get ’em, Mahalia!

5 comments on “‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’

  1. A powerful voice for a powerful hymn. Nice choice, Lee! Remember when there were only 2 or 3 television channels (or am I the only one old enough)? One of them – and I can’t recall which one – had Mahalia singing for their sign-off. Even as a young girl, I thought she had a wonderful, powerful voice.
    Maybe we could hear ‘The Old Rugged Cross’.

    1. I haven’t posted “The Old Rugged Cross” yet because I have a very hard time maintaining a stiff upper lip while hearing it.

      How come there was more to see on those 3 old channels than there is on 150 channels today?

    2. Many hymns move me to weeping, including this one. I’m confident that Our Lord and His angels rejoice when His children weep for Him – especially in this troubled, evil world. Let the tears flow. I know I will.

      We ask the same question when looking through the outrageous number of channels with even more outrageous programming. By the way, I don’t think it’s an accident that they refer to it as ‘programming’.

    1. Sure, I’ll post it. I’ve just listened to it: very nice, and if it were in a hymnal, it would be a hymn.

      Caedmon himself was no mean hand at praising God.

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