The First Little Glimmerings of a New Book

Come Spring, come green buds and sunny mornings, come robins and the first bumble bees, that’s usually time for me to start writing a new book. But this year’s buds are already on the trees, and yesterday came to me the first little blink of an idea.

It needs a couple of months to incubate, but there is something new and fresh waiting to express itself. Of course, because Bell Mountain is a continuing story, there are threads that must be picked up from The Temple and the last book, The Throne, which will be published sometime this year. There are some issues that must be addressed in the next installment of the story.

But I try to write these books in a spirit of receptivity, asking my Lord to give me the story He wants me to tell–and usually I’m surprised by the turn the new story takes. Sometimes I have to write fast, write hard, just to keep up and find out what happens. Last time I started up the stairs to the bedroom not knowing how my current book would reach its climax–for  that matter not knowing the climax, either–and yet by the time I reached the top of the stairs, I knew it all!

It can be quite an overwhelming experience.

For the time being I have to wait and let it come to me. If I go chasing it I’ll never catch it. I don’t think any of the how-to-do-it writing courses tell you to do it this way; but after nine books, who am I to seek a change?

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  1. I started recently to read the series, busy now with Thunder King. I can hardly put it down to do other important things. The fact that even you are sometimes surprised by what you write, explains a little my own surprise/shock at some of the happenings. Well written – I thoroughly enjoy the story! I can’t wait until my granddaughter, now 6, is old enough to start reading it to her. Or even better, until she can read it herself and we can talk about it.

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