Hymn, ‘Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus’

A good hymn to start the day with–and a reminded that all the great and powerful ungodly tyrants of the world today are gonna get it but good when He returns.

But there’s a condition: we have to stand with Him. It goes all the way back to Moses: “Who is on the Lord’s side? Let him come to me!”

Not the kind of sentiment you’re going to hear voiced much in one of those half-baked, go-along-to-get-along churches of the present day.

We should be honored and rejoice that the Lord wishes us to stand with Him. I mean, I sometimes wonder what He sees in us.

But stand we must–and sing louder.

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  1. Mr. Duigon, about that book I asked you to review for FFAOL, I was just going to tell you that if you ever are going to review it, then just tell me, and I could let you borrow my copy.

    1. That’s OK, Jaroc, they always buy me the books I’ve got to review… and I sure have a big stack of them now. First, I have to review 3 of Abner’s books. He ain’t gonna like it!

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