The Age of Davos Man

Alas, poor Piltdown Man! Turns out he never existed. But I’m afraid Davos Man does.

Who says political scientists aren’t good for anything?

Political scientist Samuel Huntington has coined the term “Davos man,” and it’s a good one. Davos Man is the guy who flies to Davos, Switzerland, in his private jet, takes a limousine to the hotel, and, while sipping overpriced cocktails, gets together with other Davos dudes to plot their takeover of the world.

Davos Man is “completely international,” runs the definition. He doesn’t believe in nations anymore. Sort of a John Kerry type. He doesn’t identify with his own nation. Global government, that’s his bag–run by himself, of course, and some of his friends.

Doesn’t it make you feel like singing?

Davos, Davos man–I wanna be a Davos man!

Davos, Davos man–you gotta be a Davos man!

Abolish every nation, and have a celebration,

We gonna do our groovy global thing!

We love that immigration, it’s great for desolation,

Erase those borders, now we gotta sing! Davos, Davos man…  etc.

Aren’t you glad your country, and everybody else’s countries, are in such good hands? Almost makes you wish Obama could have a third term.

Just kidding.

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    1. You bet! It’s in Switzerland, boasting nice Alpine scenery and incredibly expensive hotels. All the global government crowd hang out there.

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