Stupidest Words Ever Published?

Although it may be premature to call this tweet ( ) the stupidest words ever published, certainly it’s in the running.

Why is it okay to call babies he or she? They can’t speak yet, so they can’t say their preferred gender.

If idiocy were jewels, this would be the Hope Diamond. Just a few years ago, actually saying something like this would be unthinkable. It shows how far our civilization has degenerated in a very short time.

Great ninnyhammers are born, not made. No amount of training, practice, desire, or application can take anyone to such heights of idiocy as this. We can only ponder it in awe.

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  1. Today I subbed for an inclusion math teacher. In this 8th grade Geometry class, the regular teacher was just back from maternity leave having given birth to her first child. I figured that was the case because of the glow on her face. When I asked her if she had a boy or a girl, she said “a boy” – she didn’t say “it” doesn’t know yet what “it” is yet.

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