Self-Made Buddhist Monk Jailed for Slashing Tires

So, a 45-year-old Yorkshire man, who lives alone in the woods and calls himself a Buddhist monk, accidentally stepped on an insect. Naturally, he then went out and slashed the tires on some 160 cars ( ), as reported in the Daily Mail.

His defense lawyer told the court that the dude “suffered from some mental health issues in the past.” Gee, ya think? But the judge wasn’t buying it, and sentenced the man to 11 weeks in jail.

Post-Christian culture–get it while it’s hot. The Brits are too cool and sophisticated to believe in Jesus Christ anymore. So they scrabble around for a replacement. Some call themselves believers in “the Jedi Religion” from the Star Wars movies. Others call themselves Buddhists. And you can always find some fat-head who’ll say “I believe in Reason.”

Poor Britain.

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  1. I feel sorry for Britain. For hundreds of years, it has been a center of Christianity. Not anymore.

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