What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Okay, you continue to send your kids to public school because______?

Here’s a school story from Texas. It’ll warm your heart. ( http://www.kcentv.com/story/31018377/kisd-suspends-student-for-leaving-class-to-carry-asthmatic-student-to-nurses-office )

In an eighth-grade classroom in the Killeen Independent School District, a girl had an asthma attack. She couldn’t breathe. So the teacher did what the school policy was for her to do: she sent an email to the school nurse, and then did nothing else, waiting for a reply.

Meanwhile, the girl, in the throes of her asthma attack, fell out of her chair, onto the floor. Still no answering email. Finally a 15-year-old boy picked her up and carried her to the nurse’s room, very possibly saving her life.

His reward was to be suspended. He broke the rules, you see, by leaving the classroom.

This reminds me of one of those old puzzles, “How many mistakes can you find in this picture?” Just to name a few that sort of jump out at me:

Why didn’t this girl have an inhaler? Would you send your asthmatic child off to school without an inhaler?

School reacts to medical emergencies by sending email and waiting for a reply

Boy suspended for saving fellow student’s life

Boy and his mother have different last names

Boy employs the f-bomb in the classroom and in front of reporter interviewing him afterward

Superintendent of Schools issues formal statement which says absolutely nothing

Gee whiz–if this boy hadn’t acted, how long was the teacher prepared to wait for the nurse’s email? What if it had been an even more acute medical emergency, like a severed artery or something? And why does every person quoted in this story say “ya” for “you”?

Public education–your tax dollars going up in smoke. And your children being taught how to be idiots.

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  1. There was a similar story trending about a young girl who gave her friend her inhaler because she had a asthma attack. She got worse than suspended she is facing charges for sharing a controlled substance. Also many parents cannot pay the amount necessary for private school or books for homeschool.

    1. Homeschooling gets more efficient and less costly all the time. There is also a need for churches to provide schools.

      You can say what you want about the costs of non-public education. But the cost of public education is measured not only in dollars, but in the purposeful debasing of the individual and of all society.
      It is a very high cost.

    1. If you read the writings of the founders and creators of public education in the 19th century, and the 20th, their own words will tell you that this was a wicked enterprise from the beginning.

      A lot of the wickedness used to be blocked, or at least slowed, by parents and–of all things!–teacher unions. Yes, a hundred years ago, the unions were good guys.
      Things do change, eh?

  2. You have to laugh at this, or you’ll cry! You’re right, Lee. It’s in every player in this story. And then the ending…”the school called her Wednesday morning wanting to know why her son was absent. She had to remind them they suspended him.” Lol

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