My Reader Requets Is Shutup!

Boy that big dop lee has maked me mad, he trying to get reeders to ask him to post them stopid christin Hims on this blogg!

Dont he knowe its Unconstotontial to play Hims in publick, it says rihghjt thar in the Constotutin yiu got to have Sepration of Churtch and State and that meanes All The States includin the one yiu in rihgjt now! But no! he tryin to git reeders to Break the law.

My prefesser he sayes usuly the Constototoin it got nothin to do with nothin it is jist bad old dockumint writ up by Dead White Mails who was Slave owners and wuldnt let no wimmims vote and aslo Homo Phobs. But “stil even so” he sayes, their is things in the Constututin that “thay is” truely worthwile, lik A Bortion and Gay Marrage and Aformative Actoin and To Save the Plenet from Climbit Change! and He sayes the Best Thing in the Constututun, it is that Religgin realy is Aginst The law and no One shuld bea aloud to talk abuot no religgin in no Publick place. And “thats” whatt he sayes!

So al yiu religgis dops out thar yuo is nothin but Haters and Biggits and yiu aslo Ingnorent! yuo shuld ouhgjt to lissten to us Interllecturals hear at the Collidge, becose we smarter “than” yiu and yiu jist waight til Hillery is Pressdint, boy wil she ever fix yiu!! She wil inforce the law of the Connstytutoin aganst religgin and christinitty in pertickuler and that wil be that!

I warnin yiu, al yiu peple beter stoppit with thoose Hims!

5 comments on “My Reader Requets Is Shutup!

  1. Hi Joe Collidge! How are the moth antennae coming along?

    I would like to request How Firm a Foundation; it was Robert E. Lee’s birthday yesterday, and that was his favorite hymn (and one of my favorites as well).

  2. Glad to hear Lee has made you mad as you are mad. I know you have played By the Rivers of Babylon but could you play it be Boney M.

  3. You should talk about the Constitution, Joe Collidge!

    I would like to request the hymn “Be Thou My Vision”, please.

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