Do We Need Affirmative Action Oscars?


Every year the Motion Picture Academy gives out Oscars for the least awful movies. This year all the libs and the racial grievance industry are complaining because no major nominations went to Our Cherished Minorities–no Least Bad Picture, no Least Bad Actor, no Least Bad Screenplay, etc.

But the Academy also snubbed a perfectly lovely movie now showing at the Sundance Film Festival. Swiss Army Man ( ) is all about a farting corpse. Plus discussions of topics that I really must not mention here.

Surely it would be a better film if some African-American actors were shoehorned into the cast to create Diversity.

Y’know what we need? Affirmative action Oscars, that’s what. Simply determine a formula for what proportion of nominees and award winners must belong to this particular Cherished Minority and dole out nominations and awards accordingly. And then other Cherished Minorities  can get in on it, too–and we will know in advance, every year, which actors and which films, etc., will be nominated and win awards.

Awards like, for instance, Least Lousy Supporting Transgendered African-American Undocumented Immigrant and Visually Challenged Actor in a Wimmins Climate Change Social Justice Drama. It has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

P.S.–Oh, wait, I know! What could be more simple. Just do what libs do in the public schools and recreation programs: everybody gets an Oscar! The same way everybody gets a trophy just for showing up. What could be better for their self-esteem?

End of problem!

2 comments on “Do We Need Affirmative Action Oscars?

  1. Every now and then I have to back and check to see what emails are still unread. This was one of them. When I heard this story covered on the lamestream media, I felt even more justified in calling them ‘lamestream’. Absurdity abounds. It’s difficult to imagine that anyone could take this seriously.

  2. It’s getting ridiculous. I and many others have come to the conclusion that these so called award shows are no longer about recognizing the cream of the crop in the entertainment industry. Affirmative action rules now must apply whether or not the nomination/award is justified as being better than the rest. Completely ridiculous and laughable. Screw a weed shows. I have better ways to spend my time than watch a bunch of whiners be appeased.

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