When Snow Time Was Happy Time

Well, we’ve got 28 inches of snow here in Central New Jersey this morning, and I don’t reckon to be going anywhere.

Whenever it snows any serious amount, I remember what a pure, intense delight it was to wake up in the morning and discover there would be no school that day. I’ll never forget that feeling.

Ah, sledding! Whooshing down the hill at Tommy’s Pond on the ol’ Flexible Flyer. We could keep that up for hours.

The pond was a lot of fun at night, too. Everybody came out for the ice-skating. There was a fire to warm your hands, a bench or two for when your ankles gave out, and whole families gliding around on the ice.

Snowmen standing guard in every yard, snowball fights and snow forts–and oatmeal never tasted so good as it did when you had it for breakfast on a snow day. My wife adds: “Pancakes for breakfast, and we could all have breakfast together because it was a snow day and my father had to stay home from work. That was when he could spend all day playing with us.”

Yeah–and my aunts took me to every lake and pond for miles around for the ice-skating. We got to be true connoisseurs of frozen bodies of water.

I guess I ought to point out that a lot of cities, towns, and counties have banned sledding in recent years, because every human activity in which one just might get injured ought to be banned for our own good, and it’s been many a year since I’ve seen anyone ice-skating on Tommy’s Pond–or anywhere else outdoors, for that matter.

Oh, well, maybe I dreamed it. But if I did, it was a good dream.

4 comments on “When Snow Time Was Happy Time

  1. What great memories! Thanks so much for sharing them. 🙂 We’re having a pretty lame winter here in Ohio–hardly any snow at all due to El Nino. So I’ll have to enjoy the snow vicariously.

    1. Don’t give up just yet! It sure looked like it wasn’t going to snow at all this winter in NJ, but now we’ve got two feet of it.

  2. I can’t believe that all the years we lived in Iowa, we never once thought about ice skating. Now that we’re in Florida we’ve gone skating at an indoor rink several times and really enjoyed it.
    In Iowa, we could tie the sled to our dog and she would pull us around the roads of our little town; of course, sometimes we would get to the other end of the town and she wouldn’t want to take us back, so we’d have to walk. LOL

    1. The teenagers who lived by Tommy’s Pond always cleaned it up whenever it snowed, so that the ice would remain nice and smooth for skating. Gee, I miss that!

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