This Is My Cat

This is Robbie, my little girl who needs an inhaler mask. Patty took her picture and the Old Farmer’s Almanac published it in 2006.

Her sister, Peep, has not had her picture published anywhere. Not yet.

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  1. Bless her little heart! She’s adorable! One of my cats years ago had asthma. Is she good about her treatments? How old is she and how long has she had asthma, poor honey? It’s always difficult when young children and animals have health problems – you can’t explain to them what’s wrong and why they have to endure some things.

    1. Our kitties are 10 years old, and Robbie was diagnosed with asthma when she was only three. However, the medicine works pretty well, and for the most part keeps the problem under control. As for being good about taking it every day… well, about as good as can be expected, when dealing with having stuff squirted up your nose every day. Still, to look at her, you’d never guess there was anything wrong. Our cats have the softest and most beautiful coats in the world. They are very affectionate with us, but fight with each other all the time–sibling rivalry. They were supposed to grow out of it. Years ago.

    2. Just like siblings – some can’t seem to get along. And at least Robbie is accepting of her treatment, if not altogether thrilled. She has beautiful eyes, too. And since Peep hasn’t been published yet, maybe you could post a picture of her one of these days.

  2. My Lizzie looked like her. She died over five years ago at age eighteen. At first, Lizzie would not sit with me to pet her. She didn’t enjoy being handled and would sit a little ways off from me and just keep an eye on me. But after we moved here to Crossville and whenever she knew I was at our computer, she’d hop up on my lap for some loving. When she passed away, I had to ask my pastor’s wife for prayer because it was as if a human relative had died. I didn’t realize how attached I had gotten to her. She was a good cat. We now have Maggie — a dog — and she’d love to sit on my lap 24/7 for some loving but she’s too stinking big! But I love her. I’ll send up some prayers for your kitty’s asthma.

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